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Your car's electrical system is often overlooked, but once it fails, you know it! The alternator, battery, and various electronic and electrical systems control much of the functionality of your car. When your battery or alternator fail, your car won't start. But are there warning signs?


If your engine has a few missteps when starting, pay attention. Sure, it might be a cold day, but more than likely, it is an indicator your battery, starter or alternator might be struggling. Keep in mind, your alternator and battery work in tandem to provide the spark for the spark plug to ignite fuel in your engine. If you hear a "clicking" sound when starting your car, it means there is not enough current flow. A "grinding" noise when starting your car could mean a bad starter or faulty flywheel ring gear.

Most battery's average life is five years in our climate. If you have replaced your battery and still having battery problems, the issue isn't the battery. Check for battery cable corrosion and tight connections, have the starter and alternator tested.

If you are noticing your lights (outside, interior, turn signals) are dim or flickering, or if your windows take longer to slide up or down, there may be a charging malfunction and low system voltage. A proper diagnosis is important to keep your car's drivability working and not leave you stranded. At Lance's Superior Auto, we can diagnose the electrical problem with your car and dive a bit deeper to make sure your electrical system is functioning properly.

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