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Back in the day, auto mechanics was vastly different. A client would bring in their car and through a conversation, complete with imitating weird noises and detailed car movements, I would have a starting point to diagnose a mechanical problem. The downside was, depending upon how well the client could convey what their car was doing, I could be looking under the hood in the wrong area.

Today, because of technological advancements, diagnostics has become easy. I still want to have the conversation to learn first-hand how your car is acting, but diagnostics tools and your car's sensors save time with pinpointing problem areas. The benefit is cars are lasting longer, routinely racking up over 100k miles and still running great because issues are caught often, and repairs fixed early.

Just because a dashboard light will signal a diagnostic problem, it is still imperative a qualified mechanic verifies the mechanical issue with a hands-on evaluation before a repair starts. Haven't we all learned that sometimes the dreaded "check engine" light can glow with only a loose gas cap? Moreover, a trained mechanic understands the complexity of integrated systems your car needs to function and evaluates whether one mechanical issue is a stand-alone problem or connected to another system disfunction.

In the end, diagnostic tools are simply that — a tool to help evaluate your car and point us in the right direction. We still want to hear firsthand the funny noises and concerns you have about your car, after all, you know your car best. Call us today and let's talk.

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