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You may be surprised that as a mechanic, I would offer tips to prevent repair costs, but if you can save money learning more of how your car functions, you should.

1. Change the oil! This is probably the best advice I can give any car owner. Sure, your car drives the same (to you) when you delay the oil change, but dirty oil can clop tiny passages in your engine. And if you wait too long, it will cost vastly more than a $30 oil change. Every 5,000 miles or what is recommended by your car's manufacturer.

2. Keep the battery clean. Corrosion is your battery's enemy. It can look like white or bluish powder. Get a wire brush, warm-to-hot baking soda water, pour it on and scrub it off, then rinse. That $5 brush and time is nothing compared to a new battery.

3. Replace your filters. Keep debris and pollutants out of your engine. Same goes for your cabin air filter, it keeps allergens and odors out. Did you know replacing your full AC unit can cost up to $4,000? Filters are about $30.

4. Check your coolant. Coolant affects the heater, air conditioner, radiator, and water pump. This $15 investment can save you big bucks in the long run. Get in the habit of checking it twice a year before hot and cold weather.

Preventative maintenance means just that. You are preventing costly repairs that could have been avoided with a few simple maintenances. Use your phone calendar to set up a schedule of car maintenance, complete with reminders and schedule an appointment at Lance's Superior Auto.

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