Community center offers free senior fitness tests

by: JOSH KULLA - Wilsonville resident Delores Mouck, left, has her flexibility measured by Wilsonville Community Center trainer Brad Moore as part of the centers new fitness testing program for seniors.How does your fitness, health and mobility rank compare to others your age? If you don’t know, Brad Moore at the Wilsonville Community Center can help you find out.

The city’s parks and recreation department just launched its new fitness testing program geared toward residents 60 years and older. The goal is to help citizens gauge their abilities and their weaknesses physically.

In 2012, the community center and Moore, a certified personal trainer and fitness specialist, kicked off a pilot program to help track the activity level of class participants and to promote the center’s programs. Now, the fitness screening is getting into full swing.

Moore is offering two different fitness screenings, the senior fitness test and the Functional Movement Screen.

Every six months the center will hold group senior fitness tests, although individual screenings can be arranged at any time. The first tests were held Friday with two different groups totaling 19 participants.

The test measures flexibility, endurance as well as arm and leg strength. One test is a sit and stand activity. The participants sit halfway on a chair with arms crossed resting on their shoulders, then attempt to rise and then sit down again as many times as comfortable. Another test is a simple repeated bicep curl.

The test considers strength, body mass index (height and weight), cardio vascular strength (measured by a step or walk test), flexibility in the hamstrings and shoulders and agility.

At the end, each participant receives a printout with their scores and their comparison to others in their age group. From there, people can learn what they need to work on and where to improve.

“People think because they walk they are strong in the lower body,” Moore said, adding that some people may be surprised in their results.

Justine Gjurgevich, 55, of Wilsonville, heard about the fitness test and participated Friday. Although she is relatively young and already fit, she was interested in learning where she stood with others her age.

“I thought, ‘What the heck. I want to see where I stand,’” she said.

Gjurgevich said working through the seven test stations was easy and the environment was warm and welcoming and not intimidating.

Though she won’t get her results back until the end of this week, she thinks the test was a good starting point to see if there are areas she needs to work on. Although, there may be few as she uses an elliptical machine for 70 minutes six days a week, lifts weights and goes on walk/runs with her husband.

“Everything I’m doing now will help me be more stable when I am older and keep my weight where it should be,’ Gjurgevich said. “You really got to start thinking more about it. I make it a big priority in my life to work out.”

But the senior fitness testing is just not for those who are active. According to Moore, they are beneficial for everyone, including those with health conditions. Friday’s participants included a stroke victim and a person with Parkinson’s disease.

by: JOSH KULLA - Delores Mouck takes part in the Wilsonville Community Centers senior fitness testing program Friday morning. This exercise requires the individual to take exaggerated high steps for two minutes to test the cardiovascular system. Another test now being offered at the community center is the Functional Movement Screen, which is used to assess movement patterns. Athletes and teams, such as teams in the NFL and the Seahawks, use this assessment. Using seven patterns, subjects are analyzed on how they move.

“One side (of the body) may be stronger or weaker or more flexible,” Moore said.

This screening is all about injury prevention and recommends corrective exercises through personal training. The Functional Movement Screen is for those who are currently pain-free and the more “functional” adult,” Moore said.

Not only do these screenings and tests help those who take them, many of the people being screened are also frequent students of the center’s classes. If many folks show a similar weakness, the center can then change its classes to focus on that weakness.

Though the group screening sessions won’t be offered again until July, anyone can sign up for a free one-on-one senior fitness test or Functional Movement Screening.

“Go and do it,” Gjurgevich said. “The city is offering it for free. I would like to see more people take advantage of it.”

For Gjurgevich, the testing had another benefit.

“It made me realize how many classes the city of Wilsonville offers. The city does really offer a lot of stuff,” she said.

The city of Wilsonville offers a wide range of activity classes for all ages and abilities. Residents may attend a class once for free.

“We really do have good instructors here,” Moore said.

For more information or to arrange a screening, contact Moore at 503-570-1522 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about classes offered through the city, visit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the center at 503-570-1530.

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