by: SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - The former Wilsonville Visitor and Information Center at Town Center Park will soon undergo a $362,000 overhaul before emerging as the new headquarters for the city of Wilsonvilles parks and recreation department. The Wilsonville City Council has voted to approve a $728,700 supplemental budget to pay for unexpected capital projects that have cropped up during the current budget year.

The single largest increase in the budget adjustment, approved by the council April 7, is for improvements to the former Visitor and Information Center at Town Center Park. The Parks and Recreation Tenant Improvement Project will cost the city $362,000. For budget purposes expenses are being recorded in the city’s building fund, while the general fund is the funding source.

“The primary project in our supplemental adjustment is for the activity with the parks and rec improvements,” the city’s Assistant Finance Director Cathy Rodocker told councilors at their April 7 meeting. “It’s the project the council approved a couple of weeks ago.”

With the approval of resolutions 2459 and 2460, additional appropriations also were authorized to fund various street improvements to the tune of approximately $263,000, to be paid for through city systems development charges. Another $60,000 will help fund the purchase of a South Metro Area Transit Agency bus, while $41,000 goes to pay for professional services tied to the city’s nearly-completed overhaul of its web-based services.

The supplemental budget also covers $34,000 for the city’s annual pedestrian enhancement project, which will also represent the beginning of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Action Plan approved by the city council last year.

Councilors actually approved a pair of separate resolutions to get all this done. The first, Resolution 2460, provides a detailed listing of the projects and accounts affected by the transfers. Resolution 2459, meanwhile, recognizes the projects and provides a detailed list of expenditures coming from new funding sources, as well as new appropriations.

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