by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - PDX Wraps of Sherwood contributed graphic work to emblazon the police departments logo on the side. Sherwood Police Chaplain Wilson Parrish has announced a new partnership that will match Sherwood Police with Wilsonville Toyota and provide Parrish a new Toyota Camry to use while on duty.

Dave Jachter, owner of Wilsonville Toyota, donated use of the Camry, which was introduced to the public at a public event April 22, at the Sherwood Police Department.

Parrish said he contacted five different auto dealers seeking use of a vehicle for police chaplain work. Only one, Wilsonville Toyota, bothered to respond, he said. But Jachter apparently went all out, scouring his inventory to find a suitable vehicle and delivering the Camry along with a complimentary one-year lease. PDX Wraps of Sherwood contributed graphic work to emblazon the police department’s logo on the side. The results were unveiled last week.

“Apologies for channeling my inner Forrest Gump,” Parrish said in an email, “but a chaplain call is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get.”

To deal with all the possibilities, the list of “just in case” equipment is long.

“Will it be the tragic scene of a suicide where the rain is steadily falling on bereft family members?” Parrish said. “We can’t escape the elements “inside” because “inside” is inside the yellow tape. I’d better have a portable canopy in the trunk, along with a couple of bag chairs so we can create a space where beloved ones can grieve. Oh, and don’t forget a few blankets to throw over their shoulders to keep them warm at perhaps the coldest moment of their lives.

“And water,” he added. “Always need to have plenty of bottled water.”

That’s just the beginning of a list that also includes as standard flip flops, stocking caps, a few changes of clothes in different sizes, teddy bears for the kids, not to mention grief resource booklets, flashlights, extra batteries, body armor, reflective vest and plenty more, all donated by local vendors.

“Am I responding to a fire where a family is watching their home engulfed in flames from the street?” Parrish asked rhetorically. “I’d better have some flip-flops with me, and a few stocking caps. Also just a few changes of clothes in every possible size would be handy right about now. Oh, and while I’m at it, some teddy bears for kids as they try to process the unthinkable.”

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