Emily and Anthony Newbold of Wilsonville welcomed their second daughter Avenly into the world June 29. In typical second child fashion, she arrived in a very special way — in their apartment bathroom.

PAMPLIN MEDIA PHOTO: KYLER ROBERTS - The Newbold Family from left to right; father Anthony, older daughter Elsy, mother Emily, and newborn Avenly.Emily, 24, had been experiencing false labor pains for much of June and finally her doctor proposed she be induced June 29. The day before they were to head to the hospital, the Newbolds cleaned house, went to Bible study and then dropped their two-year-old daughter Elsy off with relatives. They were fully prepared for the arrival of the baby.

At 5:30 a.m. Friday morning, Emily called the hospital to check her appointment time. She was told there was no room and to call back about 9:30 a.m. The situation did not change later in the morning. “We sort of knew at that point that it probably wasn’t going to happen that day,” Anthony, 26, said.

At 1 p.m. Emily’s doctor called with the news that she wouldn’t be induced that day.

Worn out and exhausted, the couple picked up Elsy and headed home to bed. Elsy was in bed by 9 p.m. and Emily had a contraction at 9:05 p.m. A minute later she had another, and when the third contraction hit, it sent her to the ground.

“This is the real deal,” she said to herself.

Emily lay down in the bathroom and started calling medical services, with no luck. One place said that she had to call her doctor personally but when she called her doctor she got the answering service. Anthony was busy gathering everything needed and Elsy and getting them into the car, while Emily was screaming bloody murder on all fours in the bathroom.

The doctor called back and instructed Emily to come in but Avenly wasn’t going to wait. “She told me, ‘We are going to have this baby here and you need to call an ambulance’ but (she was ) not as calm (as I just said it,’)” Anthony said.

Emily kept feeling immense amounts of pressure and was still screaming at the top of her lungs. “I was being so loud, I just kept thinking that the neighbors think that someone is getting murdered in here,” she laughed.

Anthony was just as panicked, trying to talk to 911 with one hand and holding a terrified, screaming Elsy in his other arm. All he could get out was their address and that his wife was having a baby.

By then, Emily had delivered Avenly’s head and she and Elsy were both screaming. Anthony knew he had to be calm to safely deliver his second daughter.

Suddenly, Elsy went completely silent and sat there calmly. “It was the weirdest thing ... God’s presence had just touched her in that moment and quieted her,” Emily said.

Anthony delivered the baby then headed downstairs to flag down the paramedics. Their pregnant neighbor and good friend came to see what the problem was, and after Anthony clarified the situation she went to check on Emily.

When the paramedics entered the apartment they saw the pregnant neighbor and were rightfully confused. “No not me,” she said, pointing to the bathroom where Emily lay.

Emily and Avenly arrived at the hospital in time to see the doctor’s shocked face.

Family and friends joked that they should’ve gotten a discount because the doctors didn’t have to do any of the hard work, and said that Anthony was the hero of the weekend.

Eventually, because Anthony delivered Avenly and Elsy was present, the doctors let the father and sister sign the birth certificate.

Avenly’s delivery took just 20 minutes. But it will be 20 minutes the family will tell stories about all her life.

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