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Signs intended to promote safety, encourage cycling

SUBMITTED PHOTO - 'Decision' signs identify three locations on the bike route and indicate the direction cyclists must take to get there, along with the distance and estimated ride time. Bewildered bicyclists of Wilsonville, rejoice: the City’s new wayfinding signage system is on its way.

At a City Council work session March 21, Engineering Intern Britney Buttacavoli presented plans for a new network of signs that will be put in place next month. The signs will furnish directions, distances and travel times to noteworthy areas around the city, and are expected to increase safety and encourage bicycle use in the community.

The project makes good on plans put forth in the City’s 2006 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Another step was taken toward instituting the system in 2013, when the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Action Plan was rolled out. The plan identified installing bicycle wayfinding signage as a priority.

In 2015, the City Council identified establishing mileage markers for bicyclists as a goal. The new system would accordingly meet multiple goals by including both mileage markers and bicycle wayfinding signage. It would also augment the City’s “Wilsonville Trail” signage, which connects Boones Ferry Park with Memorial Park.

If well-planned, the signage system has the potential to benefit both bicyclists and non-bicyclists throughout the city, and could help support new riders. It would also help bicyclists to find the safest and most efficient routes to their destinations, help riders to get a better sense for travel time and inform motorists that there are likely to be cyclists nearby.

The signage system would be guided by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which specifies sign size, color and layout, among other elements.SPOKESMAN PHOTO: JAKE BARTMAN - A new bicycle wayfinding signage system will augment 'Wilsonville Trail' signage that guides cyclists and pedestrians from Boones Ferry Park to Memorial Park.

“Even though there isn’t a lot of creativity, such as the fact that we can’t use logos, decals or alternative colors, it does guarantee a sense of consistency within our signage so that it’s really easy for cyclists of all comfort levels to understand,” Buttacavoli said.

Four types of signage will be included in the system. “Decision” signs will identify three locations on the bike route and indicate the direction cyclists must take to get there, along with the distance and estimated ride time. Turn signs indicate when the bicycle route changes direction, “bike route” signs indicate how cyclists not on the route can get to it, and pavement markings can be used with other signs to indicate the route’s direction.

From a community survey that Buttacavoli said received over 140 responses — as well as other resources — the project team identified a list of 47 locations that would be fitting for the route. Individual businesses will not be included on the sign in order to save space. Instead, business districts like Argyle Square and Town Center will be listed.

That allowed for creation of a “bike network” that runs throughout the city, determining where signs ought to be placed. Signage to get to different areas would start at different distances from destinations, depending on type. Signage to get to an elementary or middle school, for example, would start .5 miles from the school, with more signs closer to the school; signage for commercial areas would start at 3 miles, at 2 miles for regional parks and at 1 mile for local parks.SUBMITTED PHOTO - A sign like this one would be placed at the intersection of Elligsen and S.W. Parkway Center Drive.

City Manager Bryan Cosgrove indicated that the City had opted to consider including specific neighborhood names in a forthcoming signage project that’s intended to focus on serving pedestrians and motorists.

Buccatavoli said that a final report with instructions for the installation of each sign would be finalized by March 29, allowing placement of the signs to begin next month.

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