Water fight, games highlight highlight end-of-summer party for teens hosted by Wilsonville Library

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: SAM STITES - Dwija and Vindhya Adamala douse their foes during a water fight in Murase Plaza Park on Monday, July 31 during the Wilsonville Librarys Teen Party. Wilsonville teenagers met up with Wilsonville Library Youth Librarian Brad Clark at Murase Plaza Park Monday, July 31, for a party in the park. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: SAM STITES - Anthony Eisenbacher recoils as hes hit in the face from a blast of water during a water fight hosted by the Wilsonville Librarys youth services team.

The party featured a host of activities Clark had put together such as "Pie Face," a game that involved filling a plastic hand with whip cream, placing your face in a cutout and turning a small dial a certain number of clicks as denoted by the spin of a wheel. With each turn of the dial, the arm gets closer to releasing the whipped cream straight into the face of the player before finally splatting the unlucky — or lucky, depending on how you look at it — player in the face. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: SAM STITES - Nothing was left undrenched by the end of the teen party in the park July 31.

After each of the teens had successfully received a face full of whipped cream, Clark produced two bottle of Diet Pepsi and tubes of Mentos. The mixture of the porous mint candy and aspartame-laced soft drink creates an eruption of carbon dioxide bubbles, effectively turning the bottle of Diet Pepsi into soda geyser.

While most of the teens stood back far enough to be outside the blast zone, a few brave souls remained close to the geyser and received a sugary shower. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: SAM STITES - Vindhya Adamala gets drenched by a blast of water during a water fight in Murase Plaza park.

To wash off the soda and cool down from sweltering temperatures, the group engaged in water warfare with squirt guns of all shapes and sizes comprising the teen's arsenal. By the end of the battle, not a single thread or hair was dry.

Monday's Teen Party culminated a summer-long series of events hosted by the Wilsonville Library aimed at engaging teenagers and exposing them to all the services the library has to offer. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: SAM STITES - The gathering culiminated a summer full of activities for teens visiting the Wilsonville Library.

"(These events) give us an opportuntiy to keep connected to students who have been using the library or those who haven't been exposed to the library as much to share with them everything the community offers them here," Clark said. "Everybody says 'library' and typically thinks 'books,' but the resources of the Wilsonville Library are so much bigger than that."

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