Wilsonville City staff updates City Council on new direction in Memorial Park

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLAIRE GREEN - The dog park, currently located next to the disc golf course in Memorial Park, is likely going to be moved next to the community garden at the end of Schroeder Way. But many Schroeder residents have traffic concerns.i

Snce tensions from neighbors were running high last February concerning the proposed relocation of the Memorial Park dog park next to the community gardens at the end of Schroeder Way, the City of Wilsonville has been working to come up with an amicable solution.

At the Oct. 2 Wilsonville City Council work session, planning staff showed council the current vision for park access along Kolbe Lane.

Situated on the edge of a tight-knit neighborhood, the community garden is accessed from Wilsonville Road onto Rose Lane, followed by an immediate left onto Schroeder Way. However, neighbors along Rose Lane and Schroeder Way expressed concerns for pedestrian and vehicle safety at the intersection due to poor sight lines from Wilsonville Road.

"There have been some concerns, and I think that they are legitimate concerns, raised by some of the people that live there," Nancy Kraushaar, Wilsonville community development director and City engineer, said. As a result, staff decided to close off Schroeder Way and change the access to Kolbe Lane instead of taking on the difficult Schroeder Way/Rose Lane/Wilsonville Road intersections.

But with the access relocation of the community garden and the future dog park being on Kolbe, a list of improvements need to be made on the residential, currently dead-end street.

The planning team compiled a thorough list of changes, including improving lines of sight by removing shrubbery and adding additional signage, traffic poles and thick, white fog lines to delineate vehicle and pedestrian spaces along Wilsonville Road and Kolbe Lane. The cost of the project is budgeted at $759,500 and will be sourced from the Parks System Development Charges.SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLAIRE GREEN - If the City changes the community garden and future dog parks access to Kolbe Lane, the City will have to retrofit the existing Boeckman Creek Bridge for vehicle use.

Since the last update Aug. 7, the planning team learned the results from a series of traffic and pedestrian counts as a follow-up to the initial counts done by project consultants in November 2016. In the original report, it was observed that 16 trips were made to the dog park and 4 trips were made to the community garden during daily peak hours. Neighbors felt that the count didn't accurately reflect the potential traffic influx that relocating the dog park would cause due to the traffic survey being taken in November. To remedy this, follow up counts were taken over a week-long period in July and August. For July, 28 vehicle and 18 pedestrian daily trips on average were counted with a slight decrease in August.

With the access along Kolbe, the Boeckman Creek Bridge, currently a pedestrian-only bridge, will need to be converted to a vehicle-friendly crossing. In a survey conducted by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the bridge was found to be suitable for vehicular access, but its railings will need to be retrofitted with impact resistant railings to meet ODOT's standards.

"I think that they've done a great job with the traffic thing," Councilor Charlotte Lehan said. "These are not huge investments and if something doesn't work out, we can move (the garden and dog park) again."

Mayor Tim Knapp agreed, adding that he would like to keep neighbors in the loop with where the planning process is at and to get their feedback before the plan goes into the public hearing process.

Staff said a letter was sent out to some of the concerned neighbors and City Manager Bryan Cosgrove said that his office has been keeping residents who have expressed concern up to date with planning developments.

Later in the evening at the City Council meeting, Schroeder Way resident Steve Gregg said that even if the City changes the dog park access to Kolbe it wouldn't meet City codes.

"When this gets to the Design Review Board, Kolbe likely won't meet the standard," Gregg said.

The planning team's suggestions will be evaluated later this fall by the Development Review Board.

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