A few of our favorite news photos from the pages of the Wilsonville Spokesman in 2017

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Ten to 20 people show up to the Wilsonville Community Center Wednesday nights to play a selection of ukulele classics and modern adaptations, led by Timark Hamilton.

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - The second annual protest, disgrACE, drew renters from around the Portland metro area who have been affected by rent increases, some of which have been displaced. Protestors showed up at the May annual Multifamily Northwest ACE Award event in Wilsonville.

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Zerby, a self-described zaniac, delights the crowd at the Wilsonville Library this finishing act in a performance this June

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Knights of Veritas member Michael Jones works with a volunteer to demonstrate proper sword technique during an educational swordfight Thursday, July 13 at Murase Park.

SPOKESMAN FILE PHOTO - Vindhya Adamala gets drenched by a blast of water during a water fight in Murase Plaza park during the end of summer party for participants in the teen reading program for Wilsonville Library.

Jim Chase has some fun at the dunk tank at the annual SpringRidge Senior Carnival in August.

Bugler Davd Nelson plays Taps during a Veterans Day observation in at Wilsonvilles Korean War Memorial.