What was Wilsonville buzzing about in 2017 on the Wilsonville Spokesman social media pages?

A single Facebook post, linking to a Spokesman story about the upcoming opening of an Als Garden & Home store in Wilsonville, blew everything else out of the water in terms of readership.  While it might be hyperbole to say that social media is a major driver in our culture today, few would argue that it holds a unique lens into our society. The Spokesman's Facebook page may not be an accurate measurement into what MOST people in Wilsonville like, or dislike, or just plain talk about — but it is an interesting barometer, nonetheless.The oft-times challenging cell phone reception in Wilsonville struck a chord with the Spokesmans Facebook readers.

A story about the opening of Al's Garden & Home garnered both the most number of 'likes' and the highest overall reach in terms of views.

Regarding news stories, however, the highest reach was on a story about a park proposal in Villebois that had some neighbors upset and a close second concerned disgruntled cell phone customers living in Wilsonville's area of service.Questions about how the solar eclipse might impact Wilsoniville had everyone wondering this summer.

Post clicks measure what content Facebook readers want to know enough about to leave Facebook. Topping that list was a story about August's solar eclipse and how it might impact Wilsonville. Close behind that was a story about the City of Wilsonville's contemplation of adding a red light camera to a congested intersection.Traffic, and how to mitigate it, was a popular topic on social media in 2017.

Honorable mention in terms of post clicks should go to Spokesman student columnist Samantha Monello, who obviously struck a chord with readers with her piece about helping a friend through a difficult time.

Social media consumers like to share and disseminate content with each other and the Spokesman's readers are no different.Student columnist Samantha Monello drew high numbers on Facebook this year.

In terms of 'shares' on Facebook the story about Al's again came out on top but close behind was a story about a missing teenager with ties to Wilsonville.  In a measurement of enthusiasm, likes on Spokesmans Facebook page were dominated by prep sports.

What news story earned the most 'likes' in 2017, after Al's? Sports, sports, sports: District track championship, basketball team going to state, baseball semi-finals.

And last but not least, what post had the most amount of comments? A story this fall about a park proposal in Villebois topped the charts for overall reach on the Spokesmans Facebook page.

Drumroll, please...The winner is once again that red light traffic camera.

— The Spokesman

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