Man armed with knife gets away but no one is harmed in a daylight robbery in Wilsonville

An unidentified man robbed the Wells Fargo Bank on 8699 S.W. Main St. in Wilsonville while wielding a knife and subsequently fled the scene 11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 27, according to Wilsonville Police Department Sergeant Jason Ritter.COURTESY PHOTO: WILSONVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT - A forensic artist drew this sketch of the unidentified robber based on the accounts of witnesses.

The man obtained an undisclosed amount of money by jumping over a teller's counter, grabbing cash, leaving the bank through the front door and fleeing southbound through an assortment of trees. Investigators aren't sure if the man departed on foot or via vehicle.

"We don't have any leads at this time," Ritter said.

Ritter says the man displayed a knife but did not use it and none of the seven people in the bank at the time were hurt.

"He never said anything about the knife. I don't think anyone was explicitly threatened," Ritter said.

Wilsonville Police as well as officers from Canby,Oregon City and Clackamas County deputies performed a K-9 search that lasted between 30 and 45 minutes but did not find the perpetrator. Ritter says he could not give further information regarding investigative tactics.

Wilsonville Police describe the robber as a 20-to-30-year-old Hispanic male, between 5-foot-2 and 5-foot-6 feet tall, weighing between 130-150 pounds and was said to be wearing a black Oregon State University hoodie. A County forensic artist drew the sketch based on the accounts of witnesses.

The investigation is ongoing and Ritter says the robbery could be related to similar robberies in Canby and Portland. Wilsonville Police have informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the robbery.

"We'll work with the other towns to try to figure out who this guy is and if it deems to be the same person," Ritter said.

Ritter said a robbery group made up of detectives in the Portland metro area have been informed about the robbery but isn't sure whether other banks in the area have been notified about the robbery and about its potential relation with robberies in Portland and Canby.

Tips can be sent to the Wilsonville Police Department at 503-655-8211.

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