EDITOR'S NOTE: We know Wilsonville has some great pets out there and we want to give those critters their moment in the sun. The Spokesman will regularly 'expose' special animals in a feature we call 'Pet Confidential'

COURTESY PHOTO -  Harley HandranName: Harley

Age: 2

Breed: Black Mouth Cur

Favorite food: It's a tie between sweet potatoes and peanut butter

Favorite toy: Lacrosse ball

Favorite smell: Squirrels.....I can smell them a mile away and it's so fun to chase them up trees!

The best thing I've ever done: Protect my mom when we run together. It's my job.

The worst thing I've ever done: Peed on a new dog bed that my mom bought me.

When I see other animals my reaction is to: If it runs I chase it. If it's another dog I just want to play with it.

My life philosophy: My pack (family) is the most important thing in my life. I love them unconditionally and will do anything to protect them.

(Dossier information supplied by Angela Handran)

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