We know Wilsonville has some great pets out there and we want to give those critters their moment in the sun. The Spokesman will regularly 'expose' special animals in a feature we call 'Pet Confidential.'

OliverName: Sir Oliver George

Age: 5

Breed: Part Maine Coon, part super adorable something else

Favorite food: Meat

Favorite toy: Tails—on critters or the end of a stick

Favorite smell: Mama

The best thing I've ever done is: Catch and eat a mole

The worst thing I've ever done is: Catch and eat a mole

When I see other animals my reaction is to: Feign indifference and stalk them

My life philosophy is: Sleep, hunt, eat, love on your human staff, repeat. Life is good.

Dossier provided by: Julie Fanger, Wilsonville

Do you have a remarkable pet? Send us a great high resolution photo, along with answers to the quiz above, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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