Wilsonville Public Library re-opens teen area and children's room amid rennovation project

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: COREY BUCHANAN - Wilsonville's rennovated children's room features a more open spacious are in the middle of the room.

Though renovations to the Wilsonville Public Library are months from completion, library-goers witnessed the project's first imprint when staff opened the newly renovated children's room and teen area to the public in late March.

The new teen room features the same furniture and computers as the old teen room but is located in the former fiction section rather than the nonfiction section. The area is a bit more secluded and its new carpeting differentiates itself from the rest of the library to foster a more private environment for teens. Library Services Manager Steven Engelfried said previously adults would walk through the old teen area and even sit in the chairs but hopes the new section will deter adults from making themselves at home.

"These are the best chairs in the library, and adults would come and sit there and for a teen it just feels like you don't want to sit next to adults. You want your own space. We're really hoping this will just be used by teens," Engelfried said.

The teen room resides next to a door leading to the staff room so that library staff can easily interact with teens and Engelfried indicated that additional furniture and other changes could be added to the area in the future.

The children's room wasn't moved from its former location but features new carpeting and paint as well as a more open section in the middle of the room for activities. Bookshelves were removed to make way for the extra space.

"It (the open space) really goes along with what we do with storytime and encouraging kids to read: the importance of play as a learning experience for young kids, the way they use words, the way their focus builds," Engelfried said. "It's also a welcoming gathering place. Families will come here and their main thing is to be in the play area."

A new glass door in the children's room leading to the patio and sculpture outside will also be built.

The renovations are slated for completion at the end of June and library programs will move from Wilsonville City Hall and other locations back to the library thereafter.

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: COREY BUCHANAN - Wilsonville Public Library staff hope the new teen area affords teens more privacy than the old teen area.

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