Discoloration in water may appear but is not harmful, just let water run before using

City to flush water pipes

In June, Wilsonville's Public Works Department is flushing the City's main water lines to remove naturally occurring mineral deposits from pipes. Annual flushing ensures optimal water quality and helps to maintain the infrastructure by exercising hydrants, valves and blow-off assemblies.

Flushing is scheduled in three phases on weekdays during the following dates:

¦ June 4-19: north of the Willamette River and south of Boeckman Road

¦ June 20-25: north of Boeckman Road

¦ June 26-29: all areas south of the Willamette River (Charbonneau)

Residents may notice dis-colored water inside their homes.

The discolored water, caused by iron deposits, poses no public health risk.  This water is safe to use and consume, though residents are encouraged to avoid washing white and light-colored laundry while discoloration persists.

To remove discolored water from pipes, residents may run cold water faucets for several minutes and flush toilets multiple times. Water should resume running clear within minutes.

The City is completing some flushing activities at night to minimize traffic congestion on major roadways. For the safety of workers, community members should slow when passing and provide utility crews with plenty of room to work safely.  

For more information about the City's annual water main flushing, call the Public Works Department at 503-570-4092.

New mobile app for national forest

The Pacific Northwest Region of the US Forest Service is excited to announce the launch of a new region-wide recreation mobile app: the Pacific Northwest Forests app. The specialized software program will help the public find hiking trails, camping, picnicking, boating areas, and more by using their cell phones' GPS capabilities.

The first of its kind on this scale in the agency, the mobile app is centered on a mapping interface that helps adventurers become more familiar with recreation opportunities near them by providing information about the 17 national forests and scenic area in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to hiking, camping, and other traditional recreation information, the app also provides information about current fires, current conditions of road and trail access, and photo galleries to showcase beautiful areas in the region to give ideas for new places to visit.

The initial launch will be for Apple iOS users (iPhones and iPads) with an Android version coming very soon. 

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