Angela Handran takes new job in National Policy Consensus Center at Portland State University

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: COREY BUCHANAN - Angela Handran, who worked on projects such as the Beauty and the Bridge project to enhance the artwork under the I-5 bridge in Wilsonville, was the City's assistant to the city manager until last week. During her time as Wilsonville's assistant to the city manager, Angela Handran met hundreds of citizens, earned an elevated role and performed tasks that made her feel like she was positively impacting the community.

But, after six years, her time with the city has come to a close.

Handran recently accepted a new gig as the operations manager for the Hatfield School of Government National Policy Consensus Center at Portland State University and completed her final day with the City last week. "It's going to be hard because I have so many connections and have met so many people here," Handran said. "I have ties to the business community, ties to all these nonprofits, the citizens and I've been the voice of the city on social media."

"She's been a real asset to the community and to the operations of the local government for quite a while," Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp said. "Her job opportunity at Portland State is a great opportunity and we wish her all the best."

Handran took the assistant to the city manager job in Wilsonville six years ago as a part-time position while she managed responsibilities as a mother and a completed her Master of Business Administration degree at Marylhurst University.

But once she finished her MBA, she needed a full-time job. So the City turned her role from part time to full time.

Her role included fielding complaints from citizens, organizing events such as the Community Block Party and excursions for Sister City arrivals, working with all Wilsonville departments and facilitating the Wilsonville Citizens Academy. She also attended Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce meetings and worked with Wilsonville Community Sharing, among other responsibilities.

"One of my strongest assets that I have are people skills. I've certainly learned that," Handran said. "And I really enjoy it. I feel like I can represent the City of Wilsonville in a very positive manner."

Handran said the Citizen's Academy, where residents learn how to become more productive and informed citizens, was one of the most fulfilling aspects of her job.

"I actually can see what that does for the community," Handran said about the Citizen's Academy. "A more involved community makes for a better place to live and work."

Knapp appreciated Handran's efforts in organizing the Citizen's Academy and the Community Block Party in 2017.

"She conceived of what would be the most effective ways to carry both of those events forward and enlisted people to achieve those visions and was very successful in doing so," he said.

Handran also livened up the City's social media presence — engaging with citizens and posting photos of her two dogs.

"I've tried really hard to put that human voice to a local government," she said. "I think I've managed to do that pretty well and I have this dialogue that goes on on social media."

According to the PSU website, the National Policy Consensus Center works with local, state and national government officials and entities, community members and nongovernmental organizations to address policy issues collaboratively. In her new job, Handran will also work with the nonprofit organizations Oregon Solutions, Oregon Consensus and Oregon's Kitchen Table.

"I was like, 'Wow that sounds like a fun position' and it still has the local government ties where I would feel like I would still be involved in community relations and helping community leaders, but yet the role was a much more internal one, which is not what I do here. I'm in a very external role here," Handran said. "I would be gaining some skills that I don't get here. I thought, 'It sounds like fun. I'll give it a try.'

"I'm still in that stage of my career where I'm still climbing the career ladder and I'm looking for new skills and new things to build my skill set."

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