Chime in on the State's plan to offer various campsite rates, depending on popularity

New candidates step into vacancies

Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson has announced Courtney Neron as the Democratic candidate for House District 26. Neron, a teacher, was selected to replace Ryan Spiker, who dropped out of the race in June.

"I am excited to welcome Courtney to this race. As a teacher and mother, she knows the importance of a great public education and quality, affordable health care. I know Courtney is ready to hit the ground running and fight for a better future for everyone," Williamson said.

House District 26 is currently served by Rep. Rich Vial of Scholls, who is running on the Republican ticket.

In other late-race news, Paul Diller of Wilsonville — who won the Democratic primary for Oregon Senate District 13 but withdrew from the race in June — has been replaced on the ballot by his opponent in the primary, Sarah Grider.

Senate District 13 is held by Sen. Kim Thatcher, who is running for re-election.

Flexible campsite rates under discussion

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is seeking public comment on proposed rules that would allow the agency to implement flexible rates for state park campsites. The proposed rule would allow OPRD to vary campsite rates within a set range.

Under the rule, OPRD could charge a slightly higher rate at high-demand campgrounds and a lower rate at less popular campgrounds. Lisa Sumption, OPRD director, says the proposed flexible rates would help the state parks system serve more people during peak camping season.

"Many of our parks have capacity, but people just don't know about them," said Sumption.  "With the ability to vary campsite rates, we could entice people to explore new parks and hopefully discover their new favorite campground." 

Under the proposed rule change, OPRD would be able to adjust campsite rates for each park individually. Specific rates for each park or campsite would be posted on the state parks website and in the parks. Once a visitor makes a campsite reservation, their rate would not increase.

The public has several opportunities to comment, including:

—Online: Comments can be submitted at

—In writing: Send comments to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, attn.: Katie Gauthier, 725 Summer St N.E., Suite C, Salem, OR 97301.

— The Spokesman

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