On August 22 the City of Wilsonville is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a citywide 'block party' in Town Center Park. We're joining the fun with a series of photographic evidence of just how far the city has come since 1846. To find out more about Wilsonville's history go to or visit the Heritage section in the Wilsonville Library.

PHOTO COURTESY WILSONVILLE-BOONES FERRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Jesse Boone ferry boat cost $15,000 to build in 1937; it had two 440-volt motors and a backup gas engine. Back in its early days it would cost you 25 cents to get your horse and wagon across the river -- unless it was at night, when prices doubled.

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: ALVARO FONTAN - Many things have changed about this site in Wilsonvilles century-and-a-half of history: Boones Ferry stopped operation in 1954 and the property -- once a privately held home for the ferry operator -- is owned by the city.

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