Historical society is asking the public to share photos from local family collections.

PHOTO: WILSONVILLE-BOONES FERRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Recent-history pics of Wilsonville, like this one from a 1980s-era Boonese Ferry Days parade, are just the kind being sought for an upcoming PHoto Roundup, where you can share your snapshots without them having to leave your sight. Remember your third-grade teacher at Wilsonville Grade School? How about the homecoming dance in 1998? or your uncle's feed store that burned down in 1975?

Perhaps you have snapshots that help jog your memory — in fact that's what the Wilsonville-Boones Ferry Historical Society is counting on!

Oct. 13, the Society is holding a "photo roundup," inviting community members to the Wilsonville Library from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to share their special photos for the archives of the local nonprofit. This way, you get to keep the original photo — society members just scan the image and take down the relevant information while you wait.

While the society is interested in ALL photos of Wilsonville's past, it's particularly interested in images from 1950-2000. Maybe you worked at Dammasch Hospital back in the day or your parents were customers of Lark Cafe in the Old Town section of the city and you have a photo of them taken with the their favorite waitress.

If you've got a historical photo that was labeled by someone who would have had firsthand knowledge of the people/places in the photo, even better. But bring what you have, just in case!

"Today is tomrrow's history," says WBFHS President Steve Van Wechel. "One day your grandkids may be looking for photos showing what Wilsonville looked like in 2018, when it celebrated its 50th birthday."

The digital scanning will not harm photos and they will immediately returned.

— The Spokesman

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