There are plenty of tools online to know what's behind the candidates and measures you're voting for

Oregon voters are lucky to have a wealth of information at their hands to help make voting easier and more informed.

All ballots and voters' pamphlets were scheduled to be mailed by Oct. 23. This year you can track your ballot after it leaves your hand at

If you did not receive a voters guide or someone in your house recycled it already, go to to see a PDF version.

If you want to see how your incumbent in the Oregon Legislature has been voting, go to and search by bill numbers.

If you want to "follow the money" and find out who and how much has been donated to a candidate's or a ballot measure's campaign, go to

For the Wilsonville City Council race, those numbers are pretty small and simple, so we summarized some for you. THis is not made to be an exhaustive list, just a tease to encourage you to do your own sleuthing.

Incumbant Charlotte Lehan's campaign earned $7,568 as of last week, with no out-of-state donors. Some of her top donors — a minimum of $250 — included Clackmas County Commission Chair Jim Bernard ($1,000) and Commissioner Martha Schrader ($250) and two Charbonneau residents, Eric Hoem ($1,000) and Anthony Holt ($500).

Ben West hit $9,458 last week and had one ($300) out-of-state contributor and several contributors who topped $1,000, inluding real estate developer Gordon Root ($1,000), and Ted Millar ($1,500), a pilot with business interests in the Aurora Airport.

The top fundraiser in the race has been John Budiao ($10,230), who also garnered a large donation from Millar ($1,500) and $300 in out-of-state donations. Other top contributors to Budiao's race have been Wilsonville residents Tim Graves ($1,000) — who also donated to candidate Ben West — Nancy Larsen ($1,500) and the business Foodesign Machinery Systems ($1,500).

Political newcomer David Davis was hovering under $5,000 in contributions last week, with zero out-of-state contributions and few businesses/special interests. The majority of Davis' funding comes from small contrubutions from individuals, inluding $500 from Charbonneau Homeowner's Associaiton President Tony Holt and Wilsonville resident Robert Renfro ($250), a librarian.

Wilsonville's state reprenstative race for House District 26 could not be more different in terms of candidate's financial contributions.

Democratic challenger Courtney Neron has only raised $35,475 thus far, with few PAC donations and only $1,200 from out of state. Her largest individual contributor was James Grigsby ($2,100), owner of Cloud Four mobile strategy company.

Incumbent Rich Vial has raised $189,129 this year, nearly half from political action committees. Vial's largest individual contributors include his family and Nike founder Phil Knight ($25,000).

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