Suspsect hides in boat at riverside home in Wilsonville, K-9 Grimm falls into koi pond

PHOTO: CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - K-9 Grimm went Hollywood Tuesday night, vaulting over fences in pursuit of a suspect in a neighborhood of riverside homes, a sucessful chase that included an unplanned swim in a fish pond. Clackamas County Sheriff's Office K-9 Grimm took a tumble into a backyard koi pond while pursuing a suspect Tuesday afternoon, but managed to catch the bad guy anyway.

Nov. 6 shortly after noon a Wilsonville Police Department officer pulled over a Pontiac sedan on Southwest Rogue Lane with plates belonging to another vehicle. CLACKAMAS COUNTY JAIL - Vencine Timone Hadley

Driver Vencine Timone Hadley, 45, sped off with deputies close behind. The chase continued on Southwest Salmon Road in speeds up to 50 mph, skidding to a dramatic halt at the intersection of Southwest Salmon Road and Metolius Loop.

Hadley exited the vehicle and jumped a fence, heading to nearby home where a crew was pouring concrete in a driveway. Workers told deputies the fugitvie had run into the backyard. From there they were able to follow wet footprints into a garage, where a boat with a cover was parked.

When Hadley ignore deputies' commandds to show hands and exit the boat, the fish-pond fragrant Grimm was sent in by his handler, Deputy McGlothin and the K-9 bit Hadley's lower arm.

The suspect was taken to Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center for treatment and booked on charges including two counts of Attempt to Elude a Police Officer, while Grimm headied to a well-derserved bath.

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