Boones Landing Physical Therapy offers rehab and preventative care in Wilsonville

Rene'e and and Jason James, the owners of Boones Landing Physical Therapy, can fix a hitch in your golf swing, reschedule your life and identify underlying stress, all for the purpose of one goal — preventing injury and alleviating pain.SPOKESMAN PHOTOS: COREY BUCHANAN - Renes and Jason James opened Boones Landing Physical Therapy in September.

Additionally, they help patients ranging from collegiate athletes to your average Joe recuperate and return from injuries and provide orthopedic services.

"We are experts in tissue readiness and what your tissue can withstand," Rene'e said. "I think we have a better knowledge (than personal trainers) of (telling patients) if you're ready to return or if you're still injured what's safe for you."

Boones Landing Physical Therapy opened in Wilsonville in September at 29174 S.W. Town Center Loop W. For more information, visit its website at

The couple has lived in Wilsonville for eight years. Rene'e has been a physical therapist for 17 years while Jason started out as a personal trainer before switching to a career in physical therapy. The couple previously worked at a clinic in Salem but wanted to work closer to home and start their own business.

At the new clinic, Rene'e specializes in treating patients' back and shoulder pain and evaluating running form.

She assesses runners' gait, cadence and posture and provides pointers on how they can run more effectively and decrease their risk of injury.

"In terms of running specifically, there's a very specific gait analysis that can take place and you can make any number of modifications to make things more efficient," Rene'e said.

Rene'e and Jason can also monitor motions as complex as a baseball pitching motion or golf swing and lifting exercises like squats to determine if mechanical adjustments need to be made to prevent injury or reduce pain. The Boones Landing Physical Therapy Facility includes weights, treadmills, machines and other workout tools.

"In a functional analysis specific to the golf swing, we identify what is an impairment in the range of motion and relate all of that into the movement," Jason said.

But Rene'e also sees psychological and lifestyle assessment as a vital part of her job. She spends ample time talking with patients about their schedule, their workout routine and factors that could be stressing them out. She said pain can derive from psychological and nervous system related issues, not just physical ailments.

"I'm trying to find out the psychology behind their pain," Rene'e said.

Rene'e said overburdened schedules and people taking workout shortcuts are common issues that lead to injury and pain. And she tries to help patients figure out how to organize their lives so they get enough sleep and spend enough time stretching.

"I think people are trying to fit things into shorter amounts of time so they spend less time warming up," Rene'e said. "If they're just going from working from their desk to going to their class and they're trying to do what Bob's doing but don't have the strength to do that, there's risk for all kinds of injuries."

Regarding rehabilitation, Jason and Rene'e said they treat high level athletes the same as the average patient.

"I think with your athletes — I've done a lot of ACL (injury) rehab — you still have to respect the tissue," Rene'e said. "They might have stronger quad and hamstring, but you still have to let them know 'This is the time. These are the steps.'"

Rene'e and Jason also do their best to coordinate care with personal trainers, doctors, surgeons and whoever else is involved in the patients' exercise or rehab efforts.

"It's a coordination of care," Jason said. "It's saying 'Do you have any other resources you are currently using whether it's chiropractor, orthopedist,' making sure all those pieces can fit together."

Rene'e said starting a business has been invigorating at times and stressful at others. She is excited to continue to improve their customer base and get to know the community.

"In the long run it's so worth it," she said. "We get to see our kids more, we get to be a part of the community and we get to treat how we want to treat."

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