Good advice: Remove your studded tires and don't turn your back on the ocean-- ever

Studded tire season ends

Still have studs on your car's tires? Oops. You missed the deadline. ODOT mandated that

studded tires be removed by March 31 or drivers risk being cited with a Class C traffic violation.

ODOT encourages drivers to investigate traction tires that meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association standards for use in severe snow conditions. They carry an emblem on the tire sidewall of a three-peaked mountain with a snowflake in the center. 

Research shows these tires cause no more damage than standard all-weather radial tires and that they provide better traction than studded tires when used on bare pavement.

Stay safe at the beach

Spring is a popular time to visit the Oregon Coast and the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department wants to make sure people are safe. A few tips for exploring the shore:

¦ Always keep an eye on the ocean so you won't be caught off guard if a bigger wave surges up the beach. These "sneaker waves" are unpredictable, powerful and especially dangerous for children.

¦ Stay away from logs on the wet sand or in the surf. These logs can weigh several tons and can be moved by only a few inches of water. The ocean is strong enough to pick up even the biggest log and roll it over you.

¦ Be careful on cliffs and rocks. They can be unstable due to erosion. Stay on marked trails and do not climb over fences. Both are there to keep you safe.

¦ Know when the tide is coming in, especially when exploring tidepools. It's easy to become stranded by the incoming tide when your attention is elsewhere. You can keep track with a tide table; pick one up for free at an Oregon State Park or at many coastal businesses.

¦ Be wary of rip currents; the fast-moving water channels can quickly carry even the strongest swimmers away from shore. If you're caught in a rip current, stay calm. Rip currents are narrow channels of water; swim parallel to the shore to escape them, then swim back to land at an angle.

¦ Ocean water temperatures can still be chilly, despite the higher temperatures on land. Don't overextend your ocean swim, especially during evening hours. Periodically return to the beach to dry off and warm up.

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