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The Wilsonville community shares its many reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving.

COURTESY PHOTO: DREAMSTIME - An annual tradition carries on as readers share what theyre thankful for this year.  Every year around this time, the Wilsonville Spokesman offers readers (as well as our own staff) a chance to look inward and consider all that is good in a world that seems to become foggier and more uncertain by the day. As we head into the holiday, we are honored to share these reflections once again. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

— The Spokesman

I am grateful for my family, friends, colleagues and pets who enrich and add value and meaning to my life. I'm grateful to live in a beautiful city-region that's abundant in natural beauty and resources. I have deep gratitude for all the wonderful people, known and unknown, who make our world better.

Caroline Berry

Wilsonville councilor-elect

Oftentimes, I think we take for granted our community and all of its amazing advantages! I know it sounds simple, but I am grateful for all that exists in our community of Wilsonville. So many people around the world cannot say they have all of this every day. We have consistent access to clean water, electricity, grocery stores and a maintained city. And of course, we have to be grateful for all the good desserts that come with the holidays!

Imran Haider

I have many reasons to be grateful as I pause to reflect as Thanksgiving approaches.

I am grateful for the opportunities to spend quality time with my friends and loved ones in-person. I truly missed their physical presence in my life during the lockdowns.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the community and those in need. I value people's perspectives and experiences. I treasure the connections that have developed in these encounters.

I am thankful for what each day brings and finding silver linings in the hard days.

Kelly Sloop

West Linn-Wilsonville school board member

This year, I'm grateful for stability.

The fact that I know where my next meal is going to come from, where I will rest my head at night, who to call in case I need help or comfort and that I will likely be more or less fine if I fall on hard times, is a blessing.

Corey Buchanan

Assistant editor

I am grateful to be back in the Portland metro area after spending the past year on the other side of the mountains in Madras. Though I grew up in Corvallis, I earned my college degrees at Portland State University and came to adopt this area as my new home after moving up here in 2011. While I have lived in Chicago, China and Central Oregon over the past decade, I have always felt called to come home to this area. Now that I'm back, I get to do my dream job — covering sports — in a place where I truly feel like I belong.

Andrew Dieckhoff

Sports editor

I'm thankful for the many readers and advertisers who support our work. Our communities have so many important and interesting stories that need to be told. Your support makes it possible.

I'm also very thankful for the extremely dedicated staff that I have the privilege to work with every day. These people go above and beyond every week to do their jobs. Our communities are definitely better off because of their efforts. They are all superheroes in my book.

Finally, I'm very grateful to my friends and family who provide the love and inspiration for everything I do.

J. Brian Monihan


It's been a trying year for me personally, and I have never been more thankful for family and friends who are willing to drop everything to support me when I need them the most. I'm also grateful for our incredible staff and local readers, who are the true heartbeat of this newspaper.

Patrick Malee


I am always grateful for my family and friends — most are thousands of miles away, but their love and support make the tough days better. To our readers, I am continuously appreciative that you allow me to tell your stories. But most of all, I'm grateful that I get to stuff my face with mac and cheese this holiday season.

Mia Ryder-Marks

Education reporter

Happy holidays! This year, I'm thankful for my family, friends, community, the things that didn't work out and the things that did.

It's been a pretty big year for me. In January, I said goodbye to my apartment in Gainesville, Florida and headed to South Carolina, where I covered education in Greenville for a few months. By May, I was crammed into my Ford Fusion with my two cats, my dog, and my boyfriend, Macs, as we embarked on an eight-day journey across the country to Oregon.

When I wasn't driving, I was furiously looking for apartments because we had no idea where we were going to live once we reached our destination.

Luckily, it all worked out. We ended up getting a place in Wilsonville, and after a few months working for a dog daycare in Tualatin I found the Wilsonville Spokesman. There were plenty of steps that didn't work out along the way, but they all brought me here: happy, healthy and excitedly building a new life in this community.

Through it all, it's been the support of those closest to me that has meant the most. My best friends, who were there to listen to me rant about all the struggles; my parents, who reminded me to take my Vitamin D gummies (a must when you're used to the Florida sun) and sent me bath bombs when I seemed a little too stressed out; my partner, for experiencing it all real-time by my side; and my pets, who were mostly a pain in the butt, but added comedic relief at all the right times.

2022 was a wild ride — I could have never guessed things would end up the way they did, but I'm better for it. And now, as the year comes to a close, I feel so much gratitude for the joy and growth it brought into my life.

Kaelyn Cassidy


I am so thankful that after over two years of looking, my husband and I finally got our first house. We cannot wait to create special memories and grow our family in our home!

Ashley Monihan

Advertising sales consultant

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