It is with dismay that I have noted your recent inaccurate portrayals of Rich Truitt in editions of The Spokesman.

Your descriptions run deeply counter to my 10 years of ongoing interactions with Rich in a community setting.

I have found Rich Truitt to be exemplary in his conduct and astonishing in the level of service he gives to others. He is a rare individual, one whose actions flow out of his deepest values.

Rich is an engineering graduate of Swathmore College in Pennsylvania and was deeply influenced by their Quaker tradition, which includes looking for the good in each person. He has an MBA from Cornell University in international development. He has devoted his professional life to improving the living conditions of American Indians and Alaskan Natives through his work with Indian Health Services.

Rich is committed to helping those who can least help themselves. It is for this reason that he has served diligently at Meridian United Church of Christ as chair of trustees and in other capacities.

In my extensive dealings with Rich, I have known him to be impeccable in his personal integrity and fairness. He has recused himself from church proceedings regarding any actions that affect Wilsonville Community Sharing. He has recused himself from congregational meetings that voted on this topic.

From conversations with Rich, I know that he chose to serve on the board of WCS because he has a vision of how this organization and the food bank might more comprehensively serve people in need. He gives countless hours of dedicated service to our community. His willingness to place service to others in the forefront of his life and his high level of personal integrity should serve as an inspiration to us all.

Dr. Nancy Rogene is a marriage and family therapist and lives in Wilsonville.

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