Reynolds acted irresponsibly regarding new school

I saw the recent article in the newspaper regarding West Linn-Wilsonville School Board member Betty Reynolds' position on the Oregon School Boards Association and her work on behalf of our schools. I found the sentiment of this article in stark contrast to what transpired during the recent School Board work session on middle school boundaries. Reynolds' acted with disrespect towards school officials when given an opportunity to inquire about the new middle school boundary proposal. Then, she suggested that the District postpone the opening of Meridian Creek Middle School until such time as the Frog Pond development was built out. Reynold's estimated that would be 2-5 years from now.

Reynold's rationale for the proposal was so that Stafford/Athey Creek families would not be "forced" to attend Meridian Creek. Reynold's failed to realize the present proposal gave these families, and many others in our district, a choice of schools to attend. In addition, Reynold's proposal ignored the citizens of Wilsonville who need to alleviate crowding at Wood Middle School. Reynold's behavior lacked collaboration and was ignorant of the needs of so many of our students.

Further, Reynolds' proposal ignores her fiduciary duty to her constituents — the board promoted the construction of a new school, approved funding to build that school, oversees the construction of that school, hired the principal for the school and now Reynolds suggests not using it. The proposal undermines the will of our communities who voted in favor of the bond to build Meridian Creek with the expectation it would actually open. Reynolds' proposal was reckless and, if it came to fruition, would constitute a negligent misuse of tax-payer dollars.

I was under the false impression that Reynold's was working on behalf of our schools. Her actions, ideas and disposition did not represent what I know and believe to be the spirit of the West Linn Wilsonville School District or its constituents.

Vic Harmon

West Linn

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