West Linn-Wilsonville School District candidate plans to work for benefit of all stakeholders, if elected

My name is Grady Nelson, and I'm running for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 3. I am a native Oregonian and have lived in the West Linn-Wilsonville community for over 16 years. I'm married to my wife Suzanne, and we have had one child already a 5th-grader in our district.

Over the last 20 years I was a police officer and recently retired in March. During my career as an officer I was involved in many programs aimed at children and at-risk youth such as peer support, mentoring, substance abuse programs, education, safety and security and several others. It was through this work I knew working for the benefit of kids was my calling. I have coached every sport possible, I am the director for a youth lacrosse program, I volunteer in the schools and I was my school's PTA president for three years.

Through this involvement, I sought to understand how our schools and administration operate at the district level and was appointed by the Board to the Long-range Planning Committee and Bond Oversight Committee. I have served in these rolls for several years.

If elected to the Board I will provide you with the following:

1. Stability in an uncertain financial future

2. Ongoing leadership and collaboration with stakeholders

3. Experience in working with our district, leaders and patrons.

We are entering some challenging times for our district. The State is indicating it will have less funds for education, PERS and OPSRP rates will increase July 1 along with the rising healthcare costs of district employees. This could mean potential budget cuts in our schools. My work on the Bond Oversight Committee, which involves overseeing the construction progress and budget on an $84 million capital improvement bond, prepared me for understanding budgets and how to work towards the best outcome for all stakeholders.

It is my responsibility to ensure the work the Board is tasked with considers all aspects and avenues of our district. It is the Board's duty to be fiscally responsible and transparent in its actions. You will need a board member who can look at the numbers, follow where the money is going and make wise decisions. I have been doing this work on the Bond Oversight and LRPC. You need board members who know our schools and have established themselves as being able to work with district staff. You need board members and administrators to be able to work together. I have proven I can do that. As PTA president, I built partnerships with my principal and with principals and administrators of other schools.

While on the LRPC and Bond Oversight, I built relationships with our Superintendent, assistant superintendents, director of finance and the director of operations. I have a proven record of collaboration and relationships in place that allows me to meaningfully participate in District work quickly. Finally, I am the candidate with lengthy experience in this District, with its leaders and with its patrons. I have a long history of my dedication and my love for our kids and this district, I know and can see our future district needs and I am the candidate with the ability to get us there.


Grady Nelson is a resident of Wilsonville

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