Ms. Parrish doesn't seem to realize that we are a 'representative democracy' where we elect our neighbors to study complex issues

Measure 101 for dummies?

As I was reading the Voters' Pamphlet for our upcoming special election on Jan. 23 I was surprised to see on the last paragraph that spans pages 29-30 and 31-32, two arguments presented as "Argument in Favor" that urged us to vote no. I've never noticed in the more than half century I've been voting in Oregon, the intermixing of arguments before in the pamphlet.

When I began reading the "Argument in Opposition" the same two, Julie Parrish and Lindsey Berschauer, who posted in the favor section urging a no vote, also had the majority of opposition arguments.

The question that comes to my mind, was this a deliberate ploy to confuse us or a misprint? Or is there some truth to the rumor that Ms. Parrish is going to run for Governor and this is a covert attempt to put her name out statewide with Secretary of State Dennis Richardson's blessing?

Whichever the case, Ms. Parrish doesn't seem to realize that we are a "representative democracy" where we elect our neighbors to study complex issues. I can only speak for myself, as I don't have the time to dwell deeply into the many issues facing our state and depend on their collective judgment. The bipartisan judgment, yep, even the Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli urges a "yes" vote.

If the Democrat and Republican leadership can agree on an issue that protects our children, seniors and others, why are we as citizens forced to pay for a special election out of our tax dollars better spent on education and other needed programs?

No Julie, I'm not a dummy and I'll be voting YES on Measure 101.

Jim Farrell

West Linn

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