Commissioner Bernard taken to task for online comments; plant the right tree in the right place

Bernard doesn't care about taxpayers

Clackamas Country commission Chair Jim Bernard has been facing voter anger after printing an obscene epithet toward State Representative Julie Parrish on Facebook, but I think that's only part of his problem. He revealed in subsequent statements what a hardened leftist ideologue he is.

Bernard criticized Parrish's "same old arguments" that "we'd have enough [money] if we cut budgets." What planet does he live on? Our ruling party's addiction to overspending and waste makes us taxpayers furious. Not that Bernard cares. Apparently, taxpayers exist only to boost his sense of self-worth by letting his kind seize our earnings and waste too much of it.

His is the most insidious form of corruption in government. That's why we have elections.

Lyneil Vandermolen


Important some street trees aren't planted

I read with some interest the Spokesman article in the Jan. 31 edition regarding street trees in our Wilsonville neighborhoods.

The Canyon Creek Estates neighborhood is a community that was badly overplanted 20 years ago with a species of street trees that many cities have had on their DO NOT PLANT list for some time.

The Callery or Bradford Pear (pyrus caleryana) is considered to be invasive and while fast growing, it has a limited lifespan (less than 25 years), it is very susceptible to storm damage and has a most unpleasant odor when blooming, and is not approved as a street tree in many communities.

We have had a number of certified arborists in the area to treat tree issues and they have all confirmed that these were not appropriate street trees.

We were able to get approval from the city to remove some of the trees without requiring that they be replaced. However, a substantial number remain and are near the end of their lifespan. If this species was placed on the City's "do not plant" list, individual homeowners would not be faced with replacing aging trees with the same tree.

I am immensely proud of our Tree City USA designation but think it would be wise to review what species of trees we are planting. The last time I checked with a city planner I was told Wilsonville had no list but was referred to a list of acceptable trees for the city of Seattle. Perhaps Public Works could review this when further assessing the street trees.

Wendy DeHart


Bernard only looking out for cronies

Thursday, Jan. 25, I attended Clackamas County Commissioners' weekly board meeting. About 30 citizens were there, of which over 20 demanded Chair Jim Bernhard resign due to his public bullying of State Rep. Julie Parrish, West Linn-Tualatin.Last week Mr. Bernhard wrote on Facebook: "Screw you, Julie Parrish. You put Measure 101 on the ballot, and you lost. The same old argument that we had enough money if we cut budgets. Cut you from the Legislature!"

Rep. Parrish took this nastiness graciously, but Bernhard was not finished. He also said "My issue is the cost to the taxpayers and wasted money on both sides of the campaign." NO, Mr. Bernhard, you were afraid you would have less money to waste on your pet projects, to dole out to your political cronies. The extra Measure 101 taxes will NOT be spent on health care. These taxes will INCREASE the cost of health care for ALL Oregonians. It will flow into the General Fund, to be spent on useless Democrat fantasies. Two reasons Bernard needs to resign:

1) He violated the anti-bullying resolution the commission passed and HE signed last August. The resolution reads, in part, "the County acknowledges the diverse political views of all persons and believes everyone, no matter what their political affiliation, should be treated with respect . . ."

2) When he said "screw you" to Rep. Parrish, he also said "screw you" to 44,664 Clackamas citizens who voted NO on Measure 101.

Last year the Oregon Legislature tried to sneak through this money grab, but Rep. Parrish campaigned to put it on the ballot so We The People could VOTE on it.

His attitude toward a significant number of Clack-

amas County citizens disqualifies him from making decisions for/against We The People.

Resign, Mr. Bernhard, resign.

Diane Gruber

West Linn

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