Where do the candidates for local and state office stand on these regional matters?

Candidates need to state position on airport expansion

Developers at the Aurora Airport are seeking approval from the Legislature for a $33 million expansion to accommodate substantially increased air traffic, ranging from larger passenger jets to cargo planes.

The impact on farmland, from noise and air pollution, is obvious. Less obvious, but of consequence to all of us, is the further congestion of the Boone Bridge on I-5 and the traffic on Wilsonville Road.

The bridge is already taxed to its capacity much of the time. Wilsonville's Mayor Knapp and Clackamas County Commission Chair Jim Bernard have raised the alarm about these issues with decision-makers in Salem, but has there been a response?

When civic leaders like them seek solutions to environmental and traffic concerns, where are the others on these issues? Where do the candidates for local and state office stand on these matters?

Now is our opportunity to hold candidates accountable. They should declare whether they support the Mayor and the Chairman's position on the matter, or whether they have other plans or ideas to the contrary. They need to explain their positions and be specific regarding the expectations Wilsonville residents should have come Election Day.

Shawn Goodpaster


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