Boeckman Bridge not necessary but experience for Wilsonville City Council candidates is!

Boeckman Bridge unneeded

I think the bridge going in on Boeckman Road is pointless, because we don't need it. Your going to destroy a perfectly good livable house at the bottom of the dip.

When you feel a tough tinge going up that hill on your bike, it means you need to work harder. Don't be lazy and build a bridge. This hill is a challenge, that's the reason it's there in the first place. To be challenging like life, don't cheat life, make it better. I know how hard it is to bike up that hill. I've biked up and down that hill since I was 9 and I've had to walk it many times. It was a goal of mine to finally make it up. I made that goal, but it was a few years ago.

Oregon has snow, very rarely, but when it snows enough to make that road closed, kids have the best day of their life sledding down it and working hard to make it up that hill in the snow. Not just little kids, I've seen high schoolers, middle schoolers and parents riding down with their children. It's a great hill when it snows, so just keep it. That blue house at the bottom is a beautiful house. Why destroy it for a pointless bridge that no one needs? When you build that bridge, most likely homeless people or druggies that go over to by Ash Meadows will end up under it for shelter. Ask the Wilsonville Police Department about that. They have no way to police it. Didn't we take down the orchard on Wilsonville Road to keep the homeless away? Building that bridge will attract them again. West Linn has steeper dips than ours, and they just deal with it. Why can't we? Why waste money on a bridge that we don't need, when more money is needed for our schools?

Please don't waste taxpayer money on a bridge no one needs.

Trevor Budiao


On council experience matters

Most of us would agree that Wilsonville is a great place to live. The reason: in recent years we've had a very knowledgeable City Council whose members have had great depth of experience. Councilor and former Mayor, Charlotte Lehan is a prime example. Other councilors like Knapp, Starr, Stevens and Akervall had volunteered for City or School Board committees prior to being elected. Knowledge of how the City works is vital to keeping it a great place. Candidate David Davis not only graduated from the City's Citizen's Academy, a great introduction to all aspects of the City's business, including interaction with the State and other local governments, but currently serves on the Parks and Recreation Board and the Community Enhancement Committee. That's huge experience in terms of being able to 'hit the ground running'. The City Council is so busy it cannot afford to accommodate anyone with a steep learning curve. Please join me in voting for Charlotte Lehan and David Davis for Wilsonville City Council! Experience and knowledge matter on Council.

Tony Holt


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