Wilsonville voters: Your fellow citizens have suggestions for your election ballot

Votre for Pamela White for county clerk

If you live in Clackamas County and haven't met Pamela White, you haven't been to a Farmers' Market, watched a community parade or attended a community meeting this summer or fall. Pamela is everywhere, trying to talk to as many voters as possible about her qualifications to replace our current Clackamas County Clerk in the Nov. 6 election.

I've known Pamela for 20 years as a fellow church member, through our mutual work with nonprofit organizations and as a friend. I can personally say Pamela is well-qualified to be county clerk. She knows what the job entails. She followed every step of the election process in May and is studying ways to make improvements to guarantee election integrity at every step in the process.

Pamela has an outstanding record as a manager. She knows how to work with people to get things done. And, she will make sure everyone who comes to the county clerk's office receives the help they need and the services they require. She'll sign, not stamp, marriage licenses and perform marriage ceremonies. Two services our current county clerk refuses to do.

So, Nov. 6, please vote to make Pamela White our next county clerk.

Jeanne Magmer


Voters should re-elect Lehan

When talking with other Wilsonville residents, it's clear they have chosen to raise their families here because of the livability.

During my 25 years here, we have witnessed then-Mayor Charlotte Lehan fight a non-partisan battle together with residents for the development of Villebois in its current location, rather than accepting the state's plan for a prison on this beautiful site.

We witnessed Lehan's 10-year-long dedicated effort to have Metro develop the Graham Oaks natural area into a regional park which is now one of the most loved parks in our area.

Ongoing pressure for urban expansion south of the Willamette River brings complex challenges for land use, infrastructure, I-5 traffic and intensified traffic on the Boone Bridge. These and other future challenges require experienc-

ed, dedicated and steadfast leadership if we want to preserve the livability of our community.

Lehan has proven herself to have the foresight, wisdom, perseverance and negotiation skills to solve ongoing and new city government issues and keep Wilsonville livable. She is an honest, sincere, modest person and a true leader. Her roots in Wilsonville are deep and her love of our community is enduring.

Let's keep Wilsonville wonderful — re-elect Charlotte Lehan for City Council!

Cornelia Gibson


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