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Davis, Lehan fortunate choices for council

Wilsonville is fortunate to have two excellent candidates for the city council on the ballot this election season: David Davis and Charlotte Lehan. Mr. Davis is an Air Force veteran and member of two volunteer committees. In addition to these credentials, Mr. Davis will add to the diversity of the council through his relative youth and the fact that he is a renter.

Mr. Davis knows first-hand the challenges that many renters in our community face with respect to finding high-quality, affordable housing. He will also be a consistent advocate for Wilsonville's excellent transit system, SMART.

Ms. Lehan brings a wealth of experience as a city councilor, mayor, and county commissioner. Ms. Lehan's grasp of the local and regional issues facing the city is extraordinary. As someone who grew up in this community before it incorporated, Ms. Lehan brings long-term perspective to major issues before the city like traffic, land use, and the town center redevelopment plan.

Please join me in supporting Davis and Lehan for city council.

Paul Diller


Please don't Californiate Oregon

In case you haven't noticed we are becoming a smaller version of California and Portland is looking more and more like San Francisco and L.A. Like every other municipality in the country ruled for decades by the Democrats, Portland's homeless population and taxes keeps going up and up and up, while the quality of life continues to decline.

The entrenched liberal politicians say the solution is . . . . you got it, more taxes. While it is true that we have legitimate needs that must be addressed, like mental illness and drug addiction, Oregon, like the rest of the nation, has finite resources. We cannot keep spending them on every third world citizen that is not happy with where they are living and feels free to just sneak across our boarder to illegally grab their piece of the American Pie. Just look at California to see what will happen here, if Oregonians don't stand up and say to our socialist, open boarders, State Government, enough is enough!

Please vote yes on Measure 105!

Gary Will


New blood is healthy for our city

I admire anyone who volunteers their time to advance the well being of our fair city. Whether it's volunteering at a local school or as a city councilor, we should all be grateful for those that serve in these positions. I also believe that changing the guard is a healthy way to get new enthusiasm and fresh ideas presented when it comes to these volunteer positions. That is one of the reasons I am voting for John Budiao and Ben West.

They have been out pounding the pavement to learn what is important to the Citizens of Wilsonville and I believe they know first hand how to represent us at this point in time, accurately and efficiently.

Debi Laue


Re-elect Lehan to continue environmental stewardship

Many of us in Wilsonville feel grateful to live in such a beautiful city that values the environment and is thoughtful about our impact on natural spaces. It is a shared community value.

One of the city's Key Performance Areas is Environmental Stewardship and several of Council's goals focus on ensuring protection of our natural resources. Councilor Lehan's voice in these discussions has been critical, and I am so glad to have her leadership in these matters.Specifically, Lehan has made important contributions in Wilsonville becoming a Bee City USA and protecting our urban forest.

We all know there is significant work left to be done. We need leadership on all levels that holds environmental stewardship front of mind in examining policy decisions.

I am grateful to have Councilor Lehan's consistent and thoughtful focus in this area and look forward to her continued leadership.

Kristin Akervall


Dirty politics to make assumptions

My name is Curtis Gallia and I'd like to set the record straight.

Nearly 20 years ago, my brother, Charles Gallia — currently running for Senate District 20 — and I changed our last name from Stoudt to Gallia. Charles and I disagree on a lot of things, including our political views. He's a Democrat and I'm a proud Tea Party supporter. But despite our differences, some things we share are honesty and integrity. So it burns me that anyone would question Charles' honesty, especially when it comes to our family's good name.

I was born three months after our father, Clarence, was killed by a drunk driver. Left to raise us by herself, our Mom did the best she could, and eventually remarried. Her husband adopted me, my sister, and Charles, and we all became Stoudts.

Many years later, after our Mom and stepdad divorced, our paternal grandmother, Elizabeth, lay dying in the hospital. As Charles and I sat by her bedside, she held one of each of our hands in hers. And squeezing her hands tightly around ours, she looked up at us and asked that we change our name back to Gallia. We both, of course, agreed. And we did fulfill our promise. We even went together to the courthouse to file the paperwork. So, it's offensive to me, to my family, and to the integrity of the Gallia name that Senator Olsen's team would assert that my brother would change his name for any other reason than to fulfill the dying wish of our grandmother.

I stay out of politics, but they went too far. Nothing is more important than family. One thing Charles and I can agree on.

Curtis Gallia


Grider, Neron deserve your votes

I attended a local event recently and was impressed with the state candidates I met there: Sarah Grider, running for the 13th Senate district and Courtney Neron, candidate for House District 26. But I was alarmed to see that Sarah Grider's name does not appear in my Washington County voter pamphlet.

If readers do not find her name in their voter pamphlet, be assured she will be on the ballot and deserves your vote. Grider and Neron are inspiring young leaders who come from a life of community service and are committed to promoting policies to help our communities — better funded schools, supporting small business and access to affordable health care. Grider, a veteran of the U.S. Army, now works as an Educational Assistant in Special Ed and as a Caregiver at a senior facility. She plans to fight for good-paying jobs and equitable development.

As a high school teacher and a mother, Neron wants more investment in education, to provide adequate resources and student safety. She has promised to work for family-friendly policies, such as equal pay for equal work and paid family leave.

I urge you to vote for Sarah Grider and Courtney Neron.

Kat Sunlove


Lehan communicates Wilsonville's needs to Salem

I believe that ALL candidates for the City of Wilsonville City Councils two open positions should make a statement of understanding of the personal time commitment for this VOLUNTARY position. Because of the commitment Charlotte Lehan has given to this position over the last ~20 years, and with a stint from 2009 to 2012 on the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners, she definitely knows, and accepts that commitment. I do know from personal experience that one of her opponents has had past problems with a commitment he made to the Wilsonville Citizens Academy requirement of meeting just one night a month for a six-month period by only showing up for one meeting. This is a serious job, that needs to be taken very seriously. We need someone with the experience that Charlotte has to make Salem & Washington D.C. know about the needs of Wilsonville.

Everett Lapp


Watch out for kids while driving!

Just a reminder that school is back in session and there are many children walking, biking and scootering in the school zones every morning and afternoon. I live within walking distance of 2 schools, Boones Ferry Primary and Inza Wood Middle School. Almost every morning I see drivers ignoring the 20 mph speed limit in the school zone and many of them are parents dropping off their children and then pulling back out onto Wilsonville Rd. Yesterday I was almost rear ended because I had stopped to allow children to cross in the pedestrian crosswalk by Wood. The driver in back of me was driving too fast for the school zone, and not paying attention. Thankfully, it was me he almost hit, not a child.Please remember that it only takes a minute or two longer for you to arrive at your destination if you drive 20 MPH in the school zones. Your children might be safely at school, but another child is still on their way and deserves the same care and consideration you would wish for your child or grandchild. If you have an electric car, please be especially diligent. Electric cars are wonderful but very difficult to hear approaching and I have seen some near misses involving bicyclists and pedestrians and electric cars in my neighborhood.

Kim Dahlquist


Lehan dedicated life to public service

I give my support to Charlotte Lehan and David Davis for Wilsonville City Council. As a former Wilsonville City Councilor and current Chairperson for the Wilsonville Park and Recreation Advisory Board I have worked with both candidates. Charlotte has dedicated much of her life in public service in Wilsonville. She has been a mayor during periods of great growth. She worked hard to create development standards that are just right for our community and as a result residents rate Wilsonville as a great place to raise children at 97%. Her personal experience and knowledge base is vast. David currently sits on the on the Wilsonville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. In our meetings he listens, asks appropriate questions and gives support and ideas for our park. David has lived here many years and attends city meetings with regularity. You will often find David volunteering. He has great personal discipline due to years of service in the U. S. Air Force.Charlotte and Dave's opposition has accepted $1,500 each from the supporters of the Aurora airport expansion. There is already a runway that will take larger jets located in Salem.Please vote for David Davis and Charlotte Lehan.

Steven Benson


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