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Lehan, Davis are good to work with

I give my support to Charlotte Lehan and David Davis for Wilsonville City Council. As a former Wilsonville City Councilor and current Chairperson for the Wilsonville Park and Recreation Advisory Board, I have worked with both candidates. Charlotte has dedicated much of her life to public service in Wilsonville.

She has been a mayor during periods of great growth. She worked hard to create development standards that are just right for our community and as a result residents rate Wilsonville as a great place to raise children at 97 percent. Her personal experience and knowledge base is vast.

David currently sits on the Wilsonville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. In our meetings he listens, asks appropriate questions and gives support and ideas for our park. David has lived here many years and attends city meetings with regularity. You will often find David volunteering. He has great personal discipline due to years of service in the U. S. Air Force. Charlotte and Dave's opposition, John Budiao and Ben West, have accepted $1,500 each from the supporters of the Aurora Airport expansion.

There's already a runway that will take larger jets located in Salem.Please vote for David Davis and Charlotte Lehan.

Steven Benson


Whom should we trust?

Which candidates for Wilsonville City Council should we trust to make decisions on our behalf? Should we really trust the two candidates running as a pair who have no experience in city government and have done little to prepare themselves for this critical role?

I am referring here to Ben West and John Budiao, two fine fellows who decided to run even though they have not done what most people seeking public office do: get experience by serving on a commission or committee to learn about the issues and about how city government works. What have Ben West and John Budiao done in terms of getting involved with city commissions or committees?

They have cited nothing on more than one occasion. Charlotte Lehan, on the other hand, has proven herself many times over. It is in large part because of Charlotte that Wilsonville is the great place to live and work that it is. And David Davis HAS graduated from the Citizens Academy. He HAS VOLUNTEERED for and is serving on both the Parks and Recreation Board and the Community Enhancement Committee. And he HAS attended most council meetings for the past year. That's action, not just words.

In my opinion, we should value experience and I trust Lehan and Davis to use that experience to make the right decisions for us. I urge you to join me in voting for both of them.

Bob Harland


Elect those who will govern for Wilsonville

The proposed expansion of the Aurora Airport runway without consideration of the impacts on Wilsonville has been one of the issues discussed in the Spokesman and by City Council.

Wilsonville has been deliberately excluded from the impact analysis, yet we know the Boone Bridge and I-5 congestion is the source of much of Wilsonville's traffic woes.But some city council candidates are failing to call the airport out. As described in last week's Spokesman, we see Airport property owners and property developers have donated directly to the campaigns of John Budiao and Ben West. Ted Millar, who owns Southend Airpark at the airport, has directly donated $1,500 to each of their campaigns. Millar also provides significant funds to the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber and Board endorse Budiao and West, as proudly demonstrated on their flyers hitting our mailboxes recently.

The City of Wilsonville should be governed for the benefit of the residents, not for the largest donors outside the city boundary who want to take advantage of our limited infrastructure and our good will.

Join me in returning Charlotte Lehan and electing David Davis to the city council.

Simon Springall


Candidates support efforts

of Nontoxic Wilsonville

We have been working on Nontoxic Wilsonville since January 2018 in an effort to reduce/eliminate toxic chemical use in our parks, school grounds, and right of ways. We have met with the West Linn—Wilsonville School Board and with the Wilsonville City Council to discuss our concerns.

Charlotte Lehan has taken the lead in asking for accountability and measurements for the City's Integrated Pest Management Plan so that we can monitor how much of each chemical is being applied each year and how much reduction is actually occurring.

Charlotte has pointed out at Council meetings and work sessions that children are not just small adults.

They are much more vulnerable to toxic exposure because they are growing and metabolizing at a much higher rate. She understands child development and the importance of protecting our environment for our children's future. She and David Davis have consistently supported the goals of Nontoxic Wilsonville and we support their election to the Wilsonville City Council.

Kristal Fisher and Katie Hamm

co-founders of Nontoxic Wilsonville

Choose Wilsonville

Wilsonville has challenges, especially the outside traffic trying to get around the I-5 back-up during rush hour. Still, Wilsonville is a city built to be lived in, with 91 percent of survey respondents reporting an overall feeling of safety and 93 percent approving of the natural environment.

The wisdom of Wilsonville voters is responsible for building our community. Time and again they have elected Charlotte Lehan and others like her, committed to fair government, open planning processes and wise decisions in the public interest. In this election, as in others, a couple of candidates have collected many thousands of dollars from special interests that want something from Wilsonville.

Less well-funded, but dedicated to effective city government, Charlotte Lehan and David Davis represent the Wilsonville that we appreciate so much. They deserve our votes.

Kathy Greenfield


West successful in Wilsonville Citizen's Academy

I wish to retract comments in my letter posted in this newspaper Oct. 24, 2018 as follows:"

I do know from personal experience that one of her opponents has had past problems with a commitment he made to the Wilsonville Citizens Academy requirement of meeting just one night a month for a six-month period by only showing up for one meeting.

"It looks like I owe an apology to Ben West, according to the article in the City of Wilsonville 2017-2018 Annual Report on Page#16, West did complete the WCA program, although he Ais not in the picture. Sorry Ben for this mistake on my part.

Everett Lapp



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