Don't let bridges issues divide Wilsonville, says writer. There are many things we all pay for that only some of us use.

Bridges opinion only part of the story

A recent Citizen'sView piece ("Does Wilsonville need these bridges?," Dec. 5) objected to the need for two bridges Wilsonville is planning. One is a Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge crossing I-5 and the other is a Bicycle, Pedestrian and Emergency Bridge crossing the Willamette River.

The writer implies that all of the as yet unknown costs would be coming from local taxpayers, insinuating the projects are too costly. She fails to mention that significant grant money will be needed to make either of these projects a reality. Additionally, the writer must surely be aware that any grants would come from infrastructure programs separate from road improvement budgets.

The most egregious complaint about the bridge over I-5, however, is that "most of the residents on the east side will never use" it, setting one part of Wilsonville against another. This goes against the concept of a community. There are many things we all pay for but may rarely use, such as our schools and roads, including road improvements in her neighborhood.

Al Levit


Dear Citizens of the Community of Wilsonville

Our family is a recipient of the Snowflakes of Support. I would just like to thank all of those who donated and supported this program. It has been a blessing each year to our family. I have always wanted to reach out and thank the individual giver(s). But I learned that this year the community snatched all of the snowflakes up before the local families could do so. I thank you all who donate to this program. It makes a huge difference to our family and many others.

Wilsonville resident

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