What are the stories and headlines that we'd like to write for Wilsonville in 2019? And did we get our wishes in 2018?!

As 2019 opens, we look forward to a new year in which the inevitable bad news is balanced by some positive developments. Every January we like to get out our crystal ball and look ahead to the year in news, speculating on the stories we'd like to see progress and the headlines we'd write for them. In January 2018 we failed to compile a list but in January 2017 we included a few "hopeful" headlines that are still relevant.

For example "Ben West enters political arena at step one, on City taskforce" was a reasonable ask for 2017 but in fact West started his political journey with a campaign for a city council seat in 2018. To be fair, West insists he applied for a city commission seat but was not selected by Mayor Tim Knapp.

We also hoped to write (but didn't hold our breath) "Boone Bridge to be expanded by several lanes." Unfortunately, nothing has changed with the Boone choke point in the last two years and it's not looking like it will in the next two.

"Rents fall throughout the city" was an ambitious headline we've hoped to write since 2016 but we've seen little evidence that anything is changing in the housing market in Wilsonville. When Frog Pond East begins serious development, the multi-family housing planned may evidentially tip the scales so even if rents don't fall, at least they don't continue to rise.

For this year, we trying to keep things more real:


"District finds new land to re-create CREST farm"

¦ "Despite population increase, traffic in Wilsonville remains unchanged"

¦ "Ridership of WES train system sees dramatic increases"

¦ "City council maintains high-functioning, low-drama meetings"

¦ "Boones Ferry Park changes surprise neighbors, prove to be popular"

¦ "Pedestrian bridge over I-5 sees heavy use"

¦ "WL-WV opts for career-tech small high school to relieve pressure on WHS, WLHS"

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