This week's crop of letters are all about the school board election, which features 5 people for two seats, as well as a term limits peitition

Don't choice in local elections

In 1960, the only otherwise-eligible citizen constitutionally barred from running for president was Dwight Eisenhower.

In 1988, the only otherwise-eligible citizen constitutionally barred from running for president was Ronald Reagan.

In 2016, 2020, and ever after, the only otherwise eligible citizen constitutionally barred from running for president is Barack Obama.

Riddle me this: Who would go to war, who would suit up on a football field or a basketball court, with an army, a team, whose best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops or players were prevented from leading, fighting or competing? Who would willingly participate in such systems and handicap themselves?

The questions are rhetorical. The answers are obvious.

In Wilsonville, the petition for term limits appears as a solution to a problem that I struggle to identify. Each election allows us to limit office holders' terms, to replace them or return them to do the people's business. If petitioners want to restrict their own choices, to limit their own freedoms, perhaps they can find a private solution, some other way to stop themselves before they vote again for a candidate who they don't think should have the right to run for office.

For me, the solution is much simpler: As a voter, choose another candidate or run for office yourself.

But under no circumstance do I want my freedom of choice curtailed in this way. I would have wanted that freedom in 1960, in 1988, in 2016, and I most certainly want it today in my local elections

Shawn Goodpaster


Ferris has proven leadership

Jordan Ferris is the best choice for school board this May. As a nurse she fully understands the importance of student health, mental health and equity within this district.

Hearing her speak, it's obvious she has a skill set that hasn't been seen on this school board, and it is a perspective that is absolutely needed. Ferris acknowledges that this is a great district, but she is also able to see where we can improve.

It was disappointing to hear that there will be a $3 million shortfall this next budget cycle. Often times that means losing staff. Ferris is committed to retaining staff and not increasing class sizes.

She testified in Salem in support of the Student Success Bill. Above all her authentic and demonstrated leadership will ensure that all voices are heard. She will work for and with the students, parents, and community members here in our district.

I am proud to support Jordan Ferris and am excited to see what she will do for the West Linn-Wilsonville School District

Cornelia Gibson

West Linn

Ferris values inclusion, equity

I support Jordan Ferris for Position 4 of the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board because she is a leader who we can trust. Ferris is committed to engaging community partners, families and students as she approaches her role in making policy decisions on the board.

The skill set that she will bring to the board includes a master's degree in executive leadership, critical thinking, proactive problem solving, extensive mental health experience, advocacy, compassion, flexibility, resource and time management, and a concept the district also uses in its classes which is called growth mindset.

Her core values include equity and inclusion. She wants to increase access to services for all students. This includes mental health services, wraparound services, and leveraging her community and professional relationships to be able to accomplish all these things without necessarily impacting the shortened budget.

I had the opportunity to listen to Ferris speak at a recent neighborhood association meeting. I was impressed that Ferris reached out to consult with the NAs in West Linn.

I believe that neighborhood associations need to know that the members of the school board consider the impact that their decisions have on the communities adjacent to our schools. I know Ferris will remember that school board decisions can and often do impact local neighborhoods.

That's why I'm voting for Jordan Ferris in the May election. I hope you will consider voting for her, too.

Roberta Schwarz

West Linn

Vote for Ferris for school board

Based on my career as a school nurse, I have first-hand knowledge that health, wellness and mental health are essential to student achievement. And, as co-chair of the West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community's (WLAIC) Schools Committee, I know that, while progress has been made, there is room for improvement in our district regarding equity and inclusion for all students.

As a nurse, practice consultant, and nurse educator, Jordan Ferris is uniquely qualified to address the health and wellness of our students. Student safety, increased funding for mental health/student services are priorities. Ferris knows how and where to get the grant resources and partnerships that will deliver vital services efficiently and effectively. She knows how to listen and work effectively with parents and students.

Her leadership and commitment to equity and inclusion is clear: I have heard her testify passionately before the board, and she responded eloquently to the WLAIC's candidate survey at

I am supporting Jordan Ferris for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board because she is the best candidate for the position and for the students of our district.

Marty Maharg

Community Health/School Nursing

Ferris alone has values, skills we need

I stand firmly behind Jordan Ferris for West Linn-Wilsonville School District Director Position 4. Ferris is intelligent, hard-working, and professional. I trust her to roll up her sleeves and do the digging as she brings compassion for parents, understanding for students, and fiscal responsibility to the district.

I was surprised to see that the editor of the paper allowed a political letter over 500 words suggesting you not vote for Ferris. I could easily have written 500 words or more telling you why not to vote for Ferris' opponent, pointing out how deeply troubling the near Biblical flood of money coming into Christy Thompson's campaign is.

But when endorsing a political choice the stated word limit is 200 words — words better spent on outlining what a solid advocate for health and education Ferris is.

Ferris is a nurse and nursing instructor. She brings real-world insight into the importance of immunizations, safety, inclusiveness and framing health education from a science-based perspective.

I trust Ferris to stand up for the district's new comprehensive Health Education curriculum that importantly addresses students' physical health as well as their emotional well-being.

Vote Ferris. She alone has the values and skills our students and taxpayers need.

Alan Smith

West Linn

Ferris is board candidate our students need

As a public-school educator for 40 years (teacher, building administrator and superintendent) and supporter for our community, I have been fortunate to meet and work with Jordan Ferris in areas of great need for our citizens, including enhancing the climate, services and accountability for the students and staff of West Linn-Wilsonville schools.

Ferris has demonstrated her abilities and commitment as a health care educator and has used her skills to improve various services as she facilitates and enhances needs for our students.

As one who has experienced the challenges found in schools it is essential that there are those who want to help ALL students in the numerous areas of need not just in the classroom but through services providing avenues of need in the entire community for families.

Ferris has demonstrated that in her professional world as well as in a variety of educational volunteer series, she will be there for our students and families.

Do not be fooled by those who seek to tear down our community and schools. Vote for those who have set aside personal enhancements for the growth and continually improvement of public schools and services. VOTE FOR FERRIS!

Dr. Diana Cubbage

West Linn

Ferris shows integrity, caring

As the Oregon Nurses Foundation's 2019 Oregon Nurse of the Year, I am proud to endorse Jordan Ferris for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 4.

Over the many years that I have worked and volunteered side by side with Ferris, I find her to have the four nursing attributes that I care the most about — honesty, integrity, accountability and caring.

When Ferris says her priority will be the health and well-being of West Linn's students, she means it. When Ferris makes a commitment to honor and respect parents' educational choices, she will stand by and honor this decision.

Ferris accepts responsibility and is accountable for her words and actions. As a nurse, Ferris has witnessed the hardships many of our students are facing today. She knows that many who live in the district do not have access to affordable housing, health care, food and school supplies.

Nursing is a caring and nurturing profession. Having Ferris' voice on the school board will provide an advocate who will always stand up and put students first. Please join me in supporting Ferris' candidacy.

Teri Mills, RN


Thompson works for safe learning spaces

Christy Thompson is an excellent choice for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. She has a genuine aspiration to elevate the educational experience for students and teachers.

Her background as a teacher and insights as a parent of children in the district, provide her with a realistic perspective of what is happening in our classrooms.

Thompson has insightful ideas for creating safe learning spaces and supporting effective curriculum. A school board member should consider a wide array of factors when evaluating what is best for the district, and I know Thompson will make informed and thoughtful decisions.

Having worked with Thompson on the Wilsonville High School Booster Club, I can attest to her gracious leadership and tireless work ethic. She is an astute advocate for our community with a desire to see our schools provide the best education for every student.

Vote Christy Thompson for school board.

Julie Tolboe


Thompson/Greenman will fight for your kids

My husband and I will be voting for Christy Thompson and Gail Greenman for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. They will fight for our kids and the best educational opportunities for them.

We have lived in West Linn for 29 years. Our two children graduated from West Linn High School, and our grandchildren are attending West Linn schools as well. We care deeply about our community and the continued excellence of our schools.

DJ and Wini Davis

West Linn

Thompson has a servant's heart

We have known Christy Thompson and her family for over 15 years. I have witnessed Thompson donate her time and resources to many organizations, schools and the community.

She has always served with a heart of humility, wisdom and generosity. Thompson cares deeply about our school district's integrity, but her desire is to see students thrive and graduate with a strong foundation to succeed in life.

Thompson's motivation to run for the WL-WV School Board is to advocate for mental health support, increase opportunities to equip students for life after school, and bring better support for teachers in the classrooms.

Thompson will bring a balanced perspective from being a parent who had three kids go through the Wilsonville school system, serving our schools and community on multiple committees, and years of experience as a high school biology teacher.

I am confident that Christy Thompson is qualified to represent families, students, teachers and staff on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

Carrie Postma


Greenman, Thompson come with no agendas

I'm writing this letter on behalf of my husband and myself. We have lived in West Linn since 1993. I have taught in West Linn schools and have observed excellent, caring, hardworking teachers and administrators.

All three of our children have graduated from West Linn High School. We now have grandchildren as students in this fine school district.

We are voting for Christy Thompson and Gail Greenman. They have no agenda except to work hard to maintain the excellence in educating our children and to support our dedicated teachers.

Bob and Cheryl Doerr

West Linn

Ferris plans to engage community in schools

Please join me in supporting Jordan Ferris for Position 4 on the West Linn-Wilsonville School board.

As a health educator in our community, school volunteer and parent she knows we have a good district but we can do more. Ferris passionately believes we need to increase access and opportunities for ALL our students, making sure the same opportunities are available for all families.

Her priorities include reducing class sizes, expanding mental health and student services and creating the opportunity for all students to go on to college, career or technical education. She further promises to engage community partners, parents and students in the decision-making process.

Jordan also brings a knowledge of budget, finance and governance with a master's degree in executive leadership and related experiences; a vital part of a school board's responsibilities.

Vote for Jordan Ferris West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 4.

Charlotte Duncan

West Linn

King Martin engages with community

I support Chelsea King Martin for election to the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

King Martin listens and is responsive to our needs. During the past four years, she has accomplished much, revamping the superintendent evaluation process and moving the board through its first ever self-evaluation.

When parents spoke to the board about safety concerns, King Martin voted to approve an advisory committee, later serving as board liaison to the committee. She carried concerns and recommendations of parents, students and teachers forward to the district, resulting in improvements.

And, when community members came to the board and advocated for a policy review to ensure we are creating equitable and welcoming school environments, King Martin was the sole board member to engage in the policy review with the district, resulting in five amended policies.

King Martin is willing to roll up her sleeves, dig in and get the work done. She listens and shows up and stays engaged in the conversation and hard work until an outcome has been accomplished. She has achieved major strides in her first term, and I know she will continue that in her second four-year term.

Keep Chelsea King Martin on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

Ed Schwarz

West Linn

Greenman a strong voice for community

It is my honor and privilege to both cast my vote and endorse Gail Greenman for Position 2 on the WL-WV School Board.

I initially had the pleasure of getting to know Greenman while our young children attended the same preschool. During this time my daughter was one of three students to contract E. coli while at school.

During this time Greenman was an invaluable force. Aside from being a caring friend to me, her background, education and experience in public policy helped her to advocate for the safety of our kids. When families were not being heard by Clackamas County and state of Oregon health departments, Greenman stepped in to organize meetings, set up procedures, and mandatory testing. Thanks to Greenman, our collective voices were heard.

Gail Greenman is exactly what our school board needs — a strong voice for West Linn-Wilsonville. She knows the ins and outs of Oregon's government and procedures that will help her to advocate for and implement changes that need to happen to better the schools in our community.

It is time to come together to improve our schools. Please join me and cast your vote for Gail Greenman.

Meagan An

West Linn

Lots to admire about Greenman

I am very excited to endorse Gail Greenman for the WL-WV School Board. I have admired Greenman from the day we met. She is a person our community knows and adores.

She has dedicated thousands of hours to our school community. She is a constant positive role model for all children involved, acting with integrity, caring and thoughtfulness.

Greenman has shown herself to be a strong advocate for the betterment of our students and school. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Greenman is known throughout the community to have an enthusiastic and warm demeanor that makes her easy to approach by students and parents alike. She is someone steps in to help on any level to lend a helping hand and take action when it is needed most.

Greenman knows education and policy, but more importantly she knows what parents, students and teachers are pleading for — support and a voice. Instead of splitting sides, Greenman will look for solutions that bring all sides together. This is the kind of person I want making decisions and representing the best interests of our children and community.

Please join me in voting for Gail Greenman for WL-WV School Board.

Tana Allori

West Linn

Ferris dedicated to student health

As a retired nurse practitioner and experience as a nurse educator, I know the importance of the health and wellness of students. Hungry, sick kids, those struggling with mental health issues, and even those stressed by bullying and harassment, cannot learn.

That is why I'm supporting Jordan Ferris for the West Linn- Wilsonville School Board. Also a nurse and nurse educator, she is committed to the basic health and mental health needs of students. She is committed to student achievement, and equity for ALL students. And, she'll do it by communicating with families and the community.

With a master's in executive leadership and experience in finance and governance, she will assure transparency and accountability of the board and district.

Ferris is a mom. She is a nurse. She is the leader we need on the school board. Please joining me in voting for Jordan Ferris!

Stacy Epsteen

West Linn

Greenman does things for right reason

Gail Greenman is passionate about providing the best public education possible to our WL-WV district kids. She is deeply invested in the success of our schools as a parent with two school-age kids in the district.

Greenman brings decades of public policy expertise to this seat. She knows how to get things done. Maybe more importantly, Greenman values (and models) careful listening, mutual respect and positive engagement with our parents, kids, teachers, administrators and district officials.

Greenman will always do the right thing, for the right reasons, and in the right way. Gail Greenman is exactly the kind of leader we need on the WL-WV school board.

Dave Dillon


Greenman will work for solutions

I've known Gail Greenman for over four years now and I can safely say my life is truly better having her as a friend. She is the most honest, kind and hardworking person I know. She is the person people go to if there is a problem or if you need an ear. No matter what the issue, she is there to lend a hand, listen and find a solution.

I can think of no person more suitable to be on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I am not only eager to see what she will bring to the table, I am so excited for the school district and the cities of West Linn and Wilsonville to have someone truly in their corner.

I know Greenman will help make this school district the best it can be.

Bobi Brubaker

West Linn

Term limits petition bad choice for Wilsonville

I will not be signing the petition for term limits that Wilsonville citizens are circulating and urge my neighbors not to sign as well.

First, term limits limit my choice as a voter. Regardless of how well someone is doing in office, term limits tell me I can't vote to re-elect them. That is anti-democratic.

Further, the unintended consequence is to cede authority to professional staff as you limit the experience of elected officials. I worked around the Oregon Legislature at the height of term limits and watched as legislators would be "limited out" just as they were becoming effective advocates for their constituents.

Finally, we already have a way to limit terms: elections. Don't like how someone is doing in office? Vote them out. Our system may not be perfect, but the vast majority of the time people lose elections because a majority of people oppose a candidate's ideas. That's democracy at work.

I think the folks expending energy on a term limits petition would be better served by channeling their energy into defeating elected officials they think have been around too long. Make your case, just don't limit my choice.

Bob Applegate


Dems not practicing what they preach

When they go low, we go high. How tragic that, as a Democrat, my own party has chosen to spread hateful lies and slander my name because I dared to file as a candidate for the WL-WV school board.

Even after making the Clackamas County Democratic chair, Peter Nordbye and the party of hope personally aware of what has happened, they have deliberately chosen not to correct falsehoods and lies they've circulated about me. I have never spoken ill of any candidate and never will.

My campaign has always been about kids, parents, teachers, families and the community. I am running for the WL-WV school board and want to bring my unique skill set as a public policy advocate, willingness to have a real dialogue with the community and bring a student member to the WL-WV School Board. I used the 325 words allotted in the voter's pamphlet on substantive issues, not a laundry list of special interest endorsements.

I'm saddened my own political party's response to my candidacy for our local school district is to spread vicious and false attacks focused directly on my sterling character.

In Clackamas County, this party's actions fail their own rhetoric of hope and truth.

Gail Greenman

West Linn

Vote for Thompson

This May, we have an opportunity to elect a highly experienced and service-oriented candidate to represent our community on the West Linn Wilsonville School Board. Christy Thompson is a mother of three and has important insight into what school is like for parents and students at the primary, middle, and high school levels. She is a former high school biology teacher who understands how to create policies to help students receive the education and experience they need to thrive and be successful. Christy Thompson also enters this School Board race having volunteered over 200 hours at Wilsonville High School. Serving on the School Board is a natural next step for Christy Thompson who has shown a clear passion for education and supporting our community's children. We have a great School District and I am excited to see how Christy Thompson will make it even better. Please join me in voting for Christy Thompson.

David Baker

West Linn

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