Last chance to research the pros, cons of candidates before school board election May 21

Ferris will bring fresh perspective

I am committed to living in a community that cares about its citizens and that values the future of our children.

School board races do not always interest voters who no longer have children in the schools, but these are the very races that most directly impact the quality of life in our community.

Jordan Ferris is a nurse and a nurse educator who understands the issues that students face every day. She is a parent and has been a volunteer in her daughters' school. And she recently testified in support of the Student Success Act that would bring support to teachers who are trying to handle difficult situations in classrooms every day.

What an asset Ferris will be on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board, where she will bring a new perspective as a nurse to the policy deliberations of the board.

That's why I'm voting for Jordan Ferris. Be sure to get your ballot to the drop box before 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 21.

Patti Niswanger

West Linn

Concerns about Thompson

A recent letter took issue with Jordan Ferris' endorsement by NARAL and Oregon Working Families ("Don't Vote for Jordan Ferris", Citizen's View April 25, by Gabriel Miller).

This begs the question, "Why didn't these organizations endorse Christy Thompson?" A group called Parents' Rights in Education posted a link to Thompson's campaign on their Facebook page on March 30.  

Does this mean they endorse her? The group's site contains falsehoods regarding vaccinations and LGBTQ education taught in our schools and promotes fear and discrimination. It calls our public schools "indoctrination centers."

Candidates should distance themselves from such rhetoric, yet I've not seen Thompson do so. She's the only candidate who didn't submit answers to questions posed by the West Linn Alliance. Why? Her list of donors suggests some big conservative supporters. Is there an agenda here? Each voter will have to decide.

I believe Jordan Ferris has a strong ethical inner compass. She is intelligent, kind and passionate about doing the right thing. She is dedicated to improving our community and schools by being inclusive. After communicating with both candidates and meeting Jordan in person, she has my enthusiastic support. I encourage you to compare the candidates carefully and make your own decision.

Dr. Peggy Eurman

West Linn

Ferris looks out for kids' health

I am voting for Jordan Ferris for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. She is a progressive candidate whose vision includes safe schools, creating and improving school partnering with community resources, and providing mental and physical health support to students in need.

She is a nurse, educator and working parent whose goal is to improve the academic and physical well-being of all students who attend our schools.

Ferris recognizes that our children are our most important asset and our future, and must be given the best that our community can provide.

We are facing a crisis in our education system with falling test scores, increasing security risks, and an increase in suicide rate. Ferris is the best candidate to address these issues.

Join me in voting for Jordan Ferris for West Linn- Wilsonville School Board.

Bruce Johnson

West Linn

Greenman demonstrates leadership

I am writing to endorse Gail Greenman for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Position 2.

One of the many things I admire about Greenman is her leadership. She can recognize a need and then create and accomplish a solution.

One example of this was at Trillium Creek Primary School. Greenman created the "Owl Help" program at TCPS after realizing families who were in crisis needed our school communities assistance. Greenman's Owl Help program sets up Meal Trains for families that have had medical or family emergencies. Many families have been uplifted by this wonderful community gift that Greenman created.

In serving alongside Greenman as part of the PTA, I have witnessed her extensive knowledge of public policy. Greenman is passionate and experienced in this field and will be an asset to the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board.

It is my privilege and honor to endorse and vote for Gail Greenman.

Stephanie Gettel

West Linn

Greenman listens for real

As you may know from signs and car stickers all around our town of West Linn, a candidate for the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board is Gail Greenman.

As a citizen and student of WL-WV, I want a leader with bright ideas and who listens for real. She has gotten along with every person I know. Greenman has experience leading on the Trillium Creek PTA and is one of the heads of Forest Flyers.

She is amazing and always has supported adults and kids ideas. I have known Greenman for a long time (since she has a daughter around my age) and the whole time she has treated me like a daughter. I brag all the time about knowing such an amazing woman.

Greenman is a great candidate because she is inclusive and would do anything to make someone whois sad, unhappy or lonely have a great time. WL-WV schools WILL be better with Greenman as their leader.

Vote for a brighter future of fun and caring for you and your kids.

Lyndi Kirsch, fifth grade

West Linn

Greenman is the clear, honest choice

The first time I met Gail Greenman I was welcomed with warmth. She is an amazing, organized, kind-hearted kid whisperer, who can manage chaos with a smile and calm demeanor.

Greenman deeply cares about people. She takes a dedicated interest in being present and is an active part of her children's lives and children in the community.

Greenman has honest and clear goals and the best of intentions for the children of this district. She is quite often seen at Trillium with a following of little friends who want to say hi or hug Greenman because they know she will give them unconditional love.

Kids need someone who not only cares, but also knows how to fight for them and their interests. The needs of our children are evolving, and suicide and depression rates are climbing.

Allowing all children to have access to what they need to succeed is something Greenman understands.

Greenman is the clear choice for this position. Please get your vote in and help make our community the best place to be. Please join me and vote for Gail Greenman.

Mary Donovan

West Linn

Greenman engages all sides

When we see Gail Greenman, we see dedication to our community.

Any time the need arises Greenman shows up. When families are going through tough times — medical, financial, personal tragedy, etc. — Greenman jumps in quietly. Getting the ball rolling so our community can do what we do, take care of each other.

This care of others is what we need on our school board. We are a community that values all its members, and Greenman lives this daily in her humble yet determined service to others, which first and foremost starts with her ever-ready ear for listening and thirst for engaging all sides of an issue to seek the best possible solution.

This community will greatly benefit from having Greenman on the school board.

We wholeheartedly endorse Gail Greenman for the WL-WV School Board Position 2 and hope you'll join us in voting for her.

Erik & Mary Emerick

West Linn

Thompson will advocate for community

Vote for the best candidate for school board position 4, Christy Thompson. Thompson has worked tirelessly in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. She has worked inside a classroom as a former biology teacher and currently as a substitute teacher.

Thompson has worked outside the classroom, organizing parents as the president of the Wilsonville High School Booster Club. She has served on the superintendent's High School Study Group and has spent endless hours volunteering for the schools.

Thompson thought long and hard before she threw her hat into the ring to run for the volunteer position of the WL-WV School Board. She felt committed to serving our community and believes her skills inside and outside the classroom are an asset to the board.

It is generous of anyone who steps up to fill this position. Yet that is who Thompson is — a generous person who works diligently to serve others and wants Thompson believes in smaller class sizes, tackling mental health issues for our students, career/technical education and more support for teachers in the classroom.

Christy Thompson will be a strong, fair advocate for our community, and will stand up for our children.

Beth Taylor


Impressed with Ferris

I had the good fortune of recently meeting Jordan Ferris, a candidate for West Linn-Wilsonville School District Position 4.

The breadth and depth of her knowledge concerning our schools is very impressive. I also appreciate her candor in addressing numerous issues — mental health, food insecurity and homelessness, to name a few — and her thoughtful plans to help mitigate and correct pressing challenges.

As a parent, Ferris is deeply involved and invested in the success of our schools. She believes all students should benefit equally from a great public education. Ferris also has the utmost respect for our teachers. She really listens to our educators, parents and students. Ferris is deeply dedicated to the basic values of equity and inclusion.

Finally, I am impressed that Jordan Ferris is endorsed by two organizations I know well and appreciate immensely: pro-choice NARAL and Basic Rights Oregon. Ferris believes everyone has a place at the table. It's not just lip service; she walks the talk. She is the real deal.

Please join me in voting for Jordan Ferris. Her time and talent on the school board will have a positive impact on our schools that is lasting and meaningful.

Elli Work


Thompson is the perfect candidate

Experience: Christy Thompson retired from teaching biology in public schools to stay home with her three kids. Thompson returned to teaching a few years ago as a substitute teacher at Wilsonville High and is in the trenches alongside students, teachers, staff and administration. She knows the ropes of our schools from all perspectives.

Leadership: Through her many years of teaching, as a fitness instructor, and as president of Wilsonville High School Boosters, Thompson has the demonstrated experience to lead, motivate and inspire diverse groups and people.

Motivation: Thompson is purely driven to serve on the board because she wants our schools to be the best places to provide the best outcome for ALL kids. She is beholden to no special interests.

She is an independent, common-sense and compassionate thinker. Thompson's priorities fit well with issues our school district could improve upon; to reduce class sizes, support for teachers regarding disruptive behavior, better mental health support for students, better parental involvement with curriculum, and more career and tech opportunities.

n Heart: Thompson is honestly one of the smartest, nicest, most high-integrity people you could ever meet, and truly deserves your vote for School Board Position 4.

Karin Grano


Greenman stands above rest

As a parent of two girls in the WL-WV School District I have been watching the school board race very closely.

I must say, I'm disheartened by some of the rhetoric, but one candidate has stood out above the rest. I have been impressedby the positive tone of Gail Greenman's campaign events, Facebook posts and web page. The testimonials of people in our community about Greenman are shining examples of who she is and the values she stands for.

For Greenman, remaining positive, staying true to her strong belief of decorum and respect are clearly not a choice, it's who Greenman is. She has made her candidacy about what value she can bring to the school district and not about tearing others down.

Character isn't some you have, it is who you are. I would be honored to have someone who emulates the behavior we want to bestow upon children.

I look forward to Greenman representing my family on the WL-WV School Board. I ask you to join me and cast your vote for Gail Greenman, WLWV School Board, Position 2.

Mark Brubaker

West Linn

Support Martin and Ferris

Before voting in the current election, I researched each candidate. I studied Gail Greenman's qualifications and learned she is the director of National Affairs for the Oregon Farm Bureau — their lobbyist. I reviewed OFB's policies and conducted an online search. Some alerts went up. 

I learned that OFB representatives testified against Oregon's 2019 Students Success Act, investing in the education of Oregon students. 

OFB's policy 1.455 supports education vouchers in all school districts. I'm deeply concerned that vouchers would impact public education in Oregon. 

I've studied environmental safety and reviewed OFB's environmental policies (Section VI). Many support economic benefit to farmers over regulation. If Greenman brings that perspective to the board, we could see an impact on the CREST farm and environmental/science programs and curriculum. 

The district's Integrated Pest Management program provides guidelines for using chemicals on school district property, including playgrounds and sports fields. OFB's "open door" policies on chemicals give me serious concern about student safety.

While Greenman talks about the importance of education, she also talks about her advocacy expertise. To me, that's a red flag. That's why I support Chelsea Martin, and am even more confident in my endorsement of Jordan Ferris for school board.

Mary Closson


WL-WV district should be involved in Stafford

The upcoming WL-WV School Board election is important to me, not only as a parent, but as a resident of the Stafford area.

Potential development of any portion of the Stafford Hamlet will directly affect the WL-WV School District. What would happen if 30,000 new residents moved in? How would the school district manage? Would developers pay the entire cost of building a new school to accommodate that population? What about morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up traffic?

As a volunteer with the Stafford Hamlet organization, we've reached out to the district in the past, but have had no traction with them being involved in discussions of the implications of development. 

In the past month, two WL-WV candidates have reached out to me to talk about Stafford's current situation and how the situation might impact WL-WV Schools. Those two candidates are Chelsea King Martin (incumbent) and Jordan Ferris. Having people on the school board who recognize the challenges of this area and are proactively seeking out conversations is vital to me, and I will be casting my vote for both candidates in the upcoming election.

Jana Lombardi


Thompson dedicated volunteer, educator

The Spokesman got one thing right, but left one wrong impression about Christy Thompson.

I strongly agree with your assessment of Thompson as "a long-time and dedicated volunteer in the district, [who] expresses a passionate dedication to the students that is very convincing."

I have served alongside Thompson on the board of the Wilsonville High School Boosters Club for the past three years. She has worked hundreds of volunteer hours in and out of our concessions stands for the sole purpose of raising funds to purchase for our students what the district has not been able to provide in the arts, academics and athletics.

When you describe her public school teaching experience as a "short stint ... decades ago" you minimize and misrepresent something incredibly important: experience IN the classroom.

I talked with Jordan Ferris briefly and think she really cares about our kids. Though she may have "fresh ideas" I think a school board candidate who has proven her "passionate dedication" through years of service to our kids, and has actual experience as a public school teacher will make a better School Board member.

Ben Burns


Ferris, King Martin will bring positive changes

Voters in West Linn and Wilsonville are being asked to choose how our school district tackles important issues. Our school board needs capable leaders who put our children's education, health, and safety at the forefront of their decisions.

Gail Greenman serves as the Director of National Affairs for the Oregon Farm Bureau and is running for Position 2 on the WLWV School Board. The Oregon Farm Bureau has taken stances on education, chemicals, and the environment which are directly at odds with our communities' responsibilities to put the health of our children first.

As new scientific evidence emerges demonstrating glyphosate and the increases in cancer risk it poses, and as the courts award enormous sums of money to victims whose lives and health have been impacted, we need board members who will help curtail our district's use of harmful chemicals, not encourage it.

I encourage my fellow community members to vote for Jordan Ferris and Chelsea King Martin for school board. I look forward to the positive changes and impact they will have on our community, our children and our environment.

Katie Hamm

West Linn

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