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Countries that have made abortion illegal have way more abortions than countries with abortion legal.

In 1969, Oregon became one of the first states in our country to legalize abortion. Since then, abortion still has been questioned and difficult for women. Numerous women have been denied abortions, and if a woman isn't ready for childbirth, it can lead to serious mental conditions and, in some cases, death.

In 2012, a woman in Ireland named Savita Halappanavar died of a disease called septicemia after she was denied an abortion. Halappanavar was a mother and a wife who died at the age of 31. There have been countless deaths that are caused by pregnancies, but deaths associated with abortions are very


Abortions should be legal because a woman's body is her choice and nobody else's. Although you are ending the life of a fetus, it cannot feel pain and does not have the will to live. No child should come into the world unwanted. Compare that to a young woman who wants to go to school, get a job and is not ready to give birth or be pregnant.

Having abortions legal will save lives from dangerous nonmedical abortions. Getting pregnant could happen to any woman, and even if women are just as responsible for the baby as the man, or in some cases not responsible at all, she has to carry all that weight on her own shoulders.

Birth control can fail and people can accidentally get pregnant, even if they are being careful. It is unfair and cruel to females to deny them freedom over their own bodies.

Abortions are pretty common, and sometimes they need to be done. If there is one way to keep the rates of abortions down, it is making pregnancies and labor easier and safer, keeping abortions legal, improving education and making sure women are safer from abuse.

Making abortions illegal will not increase them. It will just make unsafe and nonmedical (DIY) abortions increase. Countries that have made abortion illegal have way more abortions than countries with abortion legal. About 21 million women in the world have chosen unsafe abortion, according to the World Health Organization.

Josie Peykanu and Natalie

Howorth are sixth graders at

Meridian Middle School in


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