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County commission and the news courthouse, evolution versus creation, and Charbonneau's goverance debate

Library should stick with the facts

I would like to say that I have enjoyed the Wilsonville Public Library for years and have been impressed with the progress they have made.

However, I was surprised recently when I entered the library and saw a book display in the lobby denying evolution and global warming. I do not dispute the role of the library in having books on these subjects, and I support people's right to their own opinions. I do question the propriety of the library promoting misinformation.

Libraries are established under the assumption that information is a tool for social good. For years libraries have extolled the virtues of information literacy. They have insisted facts are important.

But if information promoted by the library is built on ideas not substantiated in fact, are they to be trusted?Has our library fallen into the trap of thinking facts are not relevant to social discourse as so many of us have?

In promoting ideas, the library should be careful to differential facts from fabrications.

Ken Panck


Invite homeowners to table for project talks

There are several attacks happening right now around Wilsonville on the democratic principles we enjoy by living in the United States.

One attack is the Aurora Airport runway extension and the other is the unilateral decision-making by the Charbonneau Country Club Board. 

The master plan for Aurora's runway extension was approved without following Oregon land-use laws. As Wayne Richards, who heads up Charbonneau's Civic Affairs stated recently in the Villager, "Each of these organizations (Charbonneau, City of Wilsonville and Clackamas County) ... should have a seat at the table in any and all decisions about the future of the airport." 

The Charbonneau Country Club Board agreed and will support the Land Use Board of Appeals' action against the Oregon Aviation Board's decision to approve the runway extension.

Seems fair as the runway extension will certainly impact Wilsonville and Charbonneau in the future. It's the right thing for the Charbonneau Country Club to provide support.

However, this same board has decided Charbonneau homeowners need not have a vote or a seat at the table when it comes to the future of Charbonneau. 

The board has chosen to deny the homeowners the right to vote on a possible $6 million to $8 million project for a new Activity Center that will be funded by the homeowners' dues. 

Also, the Charbonneau board is proceeding with  a potential merger of the Charbonneau Golf Club — again without a vote by the homeowners. 

This merger may have serious implications on the long-term financial conditions of Charbonneau.  

The Charbonneau Country Club Board should do the right thing and support the homeowners like they did with the Land Use Board of Appeals against the Aurora Airport.

There is a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 28, at the Charbonneau Country Club to discuss whether the homeowners will get a seat at the board's decision-making table. See you there!

Mike Walsh


Smith has right idea about courthouse

Although four of the five Clackamas County commissioners voted to spent our tax money until the county is effectively broke, they now want to build a new $233 million courthouse.

All they require to receive matching funds from state taxpayers is to squeeze the other half out of Clackamas County residents. They already have $1.5 million allocated from the Oregon Legislature just for the planning stage of this boondoggle.

Think of how many potholes that would have filled!

Their obsessive spending helped raise my property tax by $800 last year. The majority of the commissioners seem to have no understanding of economics, and they treat taxpayers like unlimited funding sources.

Meanwhile, a previous Clackamas County commissioner, Tootie Smith, has a better idea — move the current court into the vacant Sears building at Clackamas Town Center using the current state allocation. Sheriff Craig Roberts endorses the idea.

Smith saved the taxpayers money before when she helped Judge Karen Brisben create a small court in a strip mall behind the JC Penney building, using money saved from traffic fines. By contrast, our current big spenders want to build an outrageously expensive new government building while others stand empty.

I'm glad Smith is running for county commissioner again. We need another adult in the room.

Lyneil Vandermolen


Charbonneau needs to allow open vote    

As 2019 came to a close, I look back on the future of this country and the Village of Charbonneau. 

I would like to think we live in a democracy, but I find myself questioning this as we head into 2020. We have a board of nine people in Charbonneau making decisions for all the homeowners. They tell us they have the elected right to make very large fiduciary decisions building a new Clubhouse/Recreational Center & partnership with the golf course without a vote by homeowners.

These two projects could affect livability here for years if HOA dues escalate beyond what some homeowners can afford. It has been said if you don't like it move — easier said than done. 

My husband and I did not move to Charbonneau 25-plus years ago for the social activities or the golf course. We moved here because it was quiet, a safe place to live, we could feel safe walking, and it is a beautiful place. 

When we moved here, our HOA dues were very low and manageable. I am not sure anymore as we live on a fixed income as do many of our neighbors.

Again, some people say if you don't like this then move, but where do you go? We love our home.    

If this board were concerned about the democratic process, homeowners would be allowed to vote on these two large projects.

The board says they are following a strategic plan that has been in place since 2005 — let's see a budget and a vote by homeowners.

My hope for this board would be that they represent all homeowners and not just the golfers and the social circles, as not all who live here feel welcome.    

I would like to live in a community that follows the democratic process, not voter suppression. We need to be allowed to vote on the new clubhouse/recreational center and golf course merger.

Pat Jacobson


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