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You also could get your tarot cards read, your palm read, your stones read and your skull read.

Have you ever noticed how many different worlds we humans inhabit?

If your world revolves around cars, for instance, there are car clubs, racing, painting, design, music, magazines and so forth. It's a whole different self-contained world. Kay Jewett

When it comes down to it, there are multiple worlds relating to whatever our interests might be. There are belly dancing clubs for your inner gyrator. There is a world involving the art of tattoo, there's one involving pigs, and one involving button collecting, to name a very few.

So, of course, it isn't a surprise that there's a world that revolves around psychic phenomena.

I first became aware of this intriguing world when my friend Ellen (who, let's face it, is a little wiggy) suggested we go to a psychic fair at a hotel in Portland. This sounded more interesting than my plan to go grocery shopping, so I agreed to go and vowed to keep an open mind.

The fair consisted of a large pair of rooms filled with booths. Items for sale included: animal skins of all kinds, masks, goth jewelry, a very interesting clothing line, bones, totems, tarot cards, crystals and much, much more.

Want to have a picture of your aura taken? Yup, there were two aura photographers on the premises. You also could get your tarot cards read, your palm read, your stones read and your skull read.

There was a grandmotherly woman there who investigates past lives and connects you with the spirit world. And speaking of other worlds, she has written several books on her subject and teaches classes on developing psychic abilities.

Maybe it was her kind countenance, but I found myself drawn to her. For a reasonable fee, she agreed to seek out a spirit or two. She struck me as quite honest and told me she would only charge me if we were successful.

I want to emphasize here that this turned out to be quite the otherworldly experience, given the doubter that I am. We sat across from each other at a small table and held hands. She didn't ask me my name or want to know anything about me. She merely asked whom I wanted to contact. After a moment's reflection, I decided not to give her any names or information and simply said "I don't know. I'm just curious to see who's out there."

"Alright," she replied. After a few moments, she went on. "I see a small woman with white curly hair who has a little dog on a leash. The dog has very long eyelashes and keeps blinking at me.

"I also see a man. He's about 5'11" with blue eyes and he's wearing work clothes. I think he may be a ... farmer — yes, a farmer. He's shy and doesn't want to come out. He's hiding. There's something funny about the way his clothes fit him. ... They seem to be hanging off one shoulder."

She suddenly looked confused. "I don't get it. Why would his clothes be hanging off one shoulder?"

OK, now I am truly stunned, because I knew why. For starters, my tiny, white curly-haired stepmother, gone these 25 years, never went anywhere without her equally tiny, long-lashed Yorkshire terrier.

The other person she claimed to see, the person with the ill-fitting wardrobe, was clearly my grandfather, who died when I was 6. He was precisely 5'11" with blue eyes, and he was generally known to be shy. He was a farmer who had lost

his arm to an infection, so his clothes always hung off his right shoulder!

How could this gentle, unassuming woman have known? There was no logical explanation as to why she should know, yet she did. I am still surprised and bewildered by all of this, but also enlightened. Another world, indeed.

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