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Readers weigh in on Wilsonville City Council and House District 26 races in letters.

Stevens will bring independence, fiscal responsibility

"Tax us more" is what a vote for Courtney Neron this election season represents.

The "tax us more" mantra is why our family has thrown our whole-hearted support behind Peggy Stevens. Peggy's affable, easily approachable demeanor combined with her fiscal savviness and commitment to represent her constituents offers our district a beacon of hope.

As a twenty-five-year resident of Wilsonville, small-business owner, and ardent supporter of our local public schools and extracurricular programs (my husband being Wilsonville's boy's basketball coach the past twenty years) our family, like many, continues to feel the effects of COVID-19 lockdown.

In a time where many small businesses are on life-support or have been forced to close, we do not need a rubber-stamp politician whose only commitment is voting 'lock-step' with Gov. Kate Brown 100% of the time as Neron's voting record proves. This includes Neron's vote to overturn the will of the people by voting for the hidden sales tax HB3427 (Editor's note: the bill taxes businesses with over $1 million in Oregon sales) after Oregonians said NO to the sales tax Measure 97 (Editor's Note: the measure would have taxes gross receipts for large businesses).

In this time of economic free-fall in Oregon, sadly we have seen decades-old businesses permanently close. The last thing we need is a representative that burdens those already under ash (both figuratively and literally) with even more taxes.

Peggy Stevens recognizes the importance of representing the interests of all the people in her district. I believe Peggy is the best champion for our district and is someone who will be an independent voice, tackling tough issues while being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. Unlike Neron, Peggy will never be a Gov. Kate Brown yes-person, lackey or sycophant.

It is time to return influence to the voters in our district. I urge voters in House District 26 to take a step in the right direction and Vote Peggy Stevens!

Kristin Roche


Fitzgerald has what it takes for Wilsonville mayor

I had the privilege of serving with then-Councilor Julie Fitzgerald on the SMART Transit Master Plan task force as a citizen member for two years. We are fortunate in Wilsonville to have our own transit system, SMART, funded by city businesses, that is separate from and less costly than Portland-based TriMet.

Having our own transit system allows the city to focus on services and routes that benefit our residents and businesses. SMART not only provides an essential option for people to get to work and school, it also reduces the need for private automobile travel, thereby decreasing traffic and greenhouse gas emissions in our city.

In her time as council liaison to the task force, it was clear to me that Julie was very knowledgeable about city government and transportation. At task force meetings she was always prepared, punctual, and a great listener.

She genuinely cares about what residents and local business owners think, and seeks collaboration. I am gratified that we have a candidate who will bring these essential personal qualities, as well as a deep understanding of the city's transportation capabilities and needs, to the mayor's office. Please join me in supporting Julie Fitzgerald for mayor.

Paul Diller


Linville is a councilor for all residents

Current city councilor and candidate Joann Linville has tirelessly represented our entire Wilsonville community since being unanimously selected in September, 2019, to fill an unexpired term. Able to both discern the big picture and focus on specifics, Joann is adept at listening, assessing, speaking out, collaborating, and doing the hard work of developing and supporting policies and programs needed NOW. She is a city councilor for ALL residents.

As retired school principals and longtime Clackamas Community residents now living in Villebois close to our daughter's young family, we know the need for and can recognize effective local leadership. Joann's doctorate in Educational Leadership, long career in higher education, and extensive civic involvement demonstrate her skills and experience. She has served as member and chair of the Wilsonville Developmental Review Board, on the Arts, Cultural and Heritage Committee; City Budget Committee, Willamette Falls Locks Commission and Metro Community Enhancement Committee.

Joann's experience as a nurse and educator qualifies her to sort out the health and safety effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on citizens, families, business owners, and workers of Wilsonville. Recently she was instrumental in creating a small business loan program to help with difficult economic effects of COVID-19 closures. She CARES about how ALL of us live, learn, work, and play in our community.

Joann Linville is the confident, competent, caring, collaborative, trustworthy, and experienced city councilor we need.

Lynne and Dave Booher


Fitzgerald would bring leadership, forward thinking to Wilsonville

I am writing today in support of Julie Fitzgerald's candidacy for Mayor of Wilsonville. As a resident of Wilsonville for the last 13 years I have come to love this town, and hope that we will elect Julie in November, because I know that Julie will work hard to protect what is great about Wilsonville and find solutions to our challenges now and in the future.

Julie has demonstrated the leadership and forward thinking that we need in a Mayor, both in the private sector as an executive at organizations like The Oregon Zoo and OHSU, and in our city government as a member of the city council.

As a parent of two I have really valued the opportunities our city and schools provide for our children. With the strong academic programs in the schools, and many options for school and community based activities in sports, performing arts, summer camps, and more, our kids are being prepared for great futures.

Of course, most of these activities are on hold right now, but they will return in the future, and we need someone with Julie's experience and foresight to begin laying the groundwork for the successful return of these programs.

Nathan Knight


Fitzgerald is the right choice

Wilsonville residents have a great choice for mayor this fall: Julie Fitzgerald.

At a time when we are increasingly polarized, Julie is someone who demonstrated during her time on the City Council between 2013 and 2016 that she can be a collaborative problem solver, great listener and innovator.

That's what we are going to need as we begin our recovery from the pandemic: someone who has proven that they can work with all points of view. Wilsonville has great opportunities and great challenges coming its way. I trust Julie to help us navigate those and continue to make Wilsonville a great place to live, work and play.

Bob Applegate


Wilsonville needs Fitzgerald

In my many years as a Wilsonville resident I have only endorsed two individuals running for City Office, and now, I am endorsing Julie Fitzgerald to be Wilsonville's Mayor.

I know that Julie will help Wilsonville continue it's strong and positive growth and economic development, as well as continue to support that growth with honor and integrity.

Julie served as a City Councilor from 2013 to 2017, and she was always a thoughtful supporter of what was in the long-term best interest of the people of the community.She will provide strong leadership as she will listen to all issues and build lasting relationships.

Julie and I have interacted over the years on various projects. During these discussions I found her ideas on affordable housing; what SMART will look like in 10 years; the I-5 congestion; the minority population; diversity in our neighborhoods and businesses, to be well thought out and innovated.

The Wilsonville citizens require a Mayor who has great leadership, a listener, an innovator, an individual who enjoys a challenge, but above all a person who cares.

That person is Julie Fitzgerald.

Dick Spence


West's committee attendance record is telling

Excerpt from the city website: "The Budget Committee consists of the five city councilors and

five citizens at large." Ben West hasn't attended a single Budget Committee meeting nor

submitted any questions or comments to the city recorder in advance of meetings since he was elected to the City Council. For the past two budget cycles, Councilor West was not there to represent us, not there to advocate for spending he supports, and not there to oppose expenditures he does not support. He didn't even seem to realize he was on the budget committee until the May 4, 2020 Council meeting when he asked if he could listen in on the process. When politely reminded he was on the Committee, he still failed to attend the meetings that started sixteen days later. His performance on a committee charged with determining how our tax dollars are spent has been abysmal. He has failed to fulfill an essential part of what it means to be a City Councilor. Now he wants us to elect him as mayor? West should fulfill the remaining two years of his four-year term as Councilor, with a promise to attend all Budget meetings in 2021 and 2022.

Brian Everest


Fitzgerald has right experience to be Wilsonville mayor

I urge you to vote for Julie Fitzgerald for mayor of Wilsonville. Julie's experience, both as a former City Councilor and as current executive director of the Oregon Zoo Foundation will assure effective and inclusive leadership for Wilsonville.

Julie knows how much time is required to be an effective mayor — significantly more than what is required to be an informed councilor. City staff always provides substantial detailed background data for each issue which takes real commitment to read and understand to make wise decisions for the betterment of Wilsonville.

I know how much time this involves from my volunteering on the Development Review Board and Planning Commission.

Julie also knows that the next mayor will need to maintain and grow the extensive network of contacts which have and will continue to help Wilsonville grow. This also takes an enormous dedication of time. Her experience at the zoo foundation will certainly be useful.

Julie is prepared to make the commitments of time and effort to take Wilsonville into the future. Please join me in voting for Julie for mayor.

Al Levit


Akervall leads with grace, humility

Our family strongly endorses Wilsonville City Council President Kristin Arkervall as she seeks her second term on Wilsonville City Council. Since being elected in November 2016, Kristin has lead with grace and a strong sense of humility; something so hard to find these days in local politics. In addition to serving as Council President, she is the council liaison to the Willamette Intake Facilities Commission and the Library Strategic Planning Committee. While on Council she has served as the Chair of the Town Center Plan Task Force and Transit Master Plan Task Force. Kristin is intelligent, thoughtful, well organized and approachable. She takes the time to listen and learn from constituents.

Key for us — Kristin is a good person, sincere in her approach, who only wants best for our families and the Wilsonville community. A recent example of this was during the recent fires she was not focused on campaigning, but creating social media videos to help our community members create a homemade air filtration system to protect our families especially children and seniors.

Kristin has been an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) since day one. She was one of the council members who voted in 2017 for Resolution No. 2626, A Resolution Declaring The City of Wilsonville a Welcoming and Inclusive City which was one of the first steps in bringing DEI to the forefront of our community. She was the only City Council Member who attended the Multi City Equity Summit in 2019, and also attended the

"Leading for Equity Conversation" by the West Linn Wilsonville School District. Kristin is a fixture in the Villebois Community with her husband Anton and their daughter Odessa. In our family's eyes she defines what it means to be a Wilsonville leader and First Citizen. Please join Yumi and I in supporting, endorsing and voting for Kristin this November.

Shawn O'Neil


No better candidate for Wilsonville mayor than Fitzgerald

As a new Wilsonville citizen, I'm concentrating on getting to know our city and its people. One person I met is mayoral candidate Julie Fitzgerald. I have listened to her through zoom as well as in person, and I don't think a more qualified candidate could be found.

This is what I like: she has extensive experience in fundraising; managing large organizations, budgets and people; and experience in government. As a former City Council member, she has the institutional knowledge to hit the ground running. She is personable, easy to talk to and understand, and exhibits a huge interest in making Wilsonville the best city possible. I especially like that she is interested in inclusion of all our populations and cultures. Plus, she has an abundance of energy.

I also like the items Julie zeros in on as especially important on her web page. Her goal of implementing a citizen-led police advisory committee is essential. Julie's focus on implementing the Equitable Strategic Housing Plan is critical as housing difficulties can lead to instability in a population.

I don't think we could find a better candidate with a better skillset for mayor. Julie Fitzgerald enthusiastically has my vote.

Susan Reep


Julie Fitzgerald has our vote

We moved to Wilsonville four years ago, attracted by its livability, and we think Julie Fitzgerald is the right person to maintain our community's high quality of life as Mayor. Her experience as a City Councilor from 2013 through 2016 provides her with a thorough understanding of the most effective ways to address issues the city currently faces and she is ready to lead on Day 1.

Julie's interest in promoting equity and including diverse voices in decision-making; using sensible planning approaches that balance the interests of citizens and local businesses; and encouraging economic development that maintains Wilsonville's vitality are exactly what the city needs at this time.

In addition to her background on the Council, Julie has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, currently leading the Oregon Zoo Foundation, and prior to that, fund-raising efforts at Oregon Health and Sciences University, and The Nature Conservancy. Her work with these important organizations has given her broad knowledge about managing budgets, collaborating with community partners, and using innovative ways to reach goals.

Please vote for Julie, she's the best hope for Wilsonville's future.

David and Susan Hanson


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