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Readers endorse candidates for Wilsonville City Council mayoral and council races

Julie Fitzgerald has our vote

We moved to Wilsonville four years ago, attracted by its livability, and we think Julie Fitzgerald is the right person to maintain our community's high quality of life as Mayor. Her experience as a City Councilor from 2013 through 2016 provides her with a thorough understanding of the most effective ways to address issues the city currently faces and she is ready to lead on Day 1.

Julie's interest in promoting equity and including diverse voices in decision-making; using sensible planning approaches that balance the interests of citizens and local businesses; and encouraging economic development that maintains Wilsonville's vitality are exactly what the city needs at this time.

In addition to her background on the Council, Julie has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, currently leading the Oregon Zoo Foundation, and prior to that, fund-raising efforts at Oregon Health and Sciences University, and The Nature Conservancy. Her work with these important organizations has given her broad knowledge about managing budgets, collaborating with community partners, and using innovative ways to reach goals.

Please vote for Julie, she's the best hope for Wilsonville's future.

David and Susan Hanson


Fitzgerald a great choice for mayor of Wilsonville

Wilsonville residents have a great choice for Mayor this fall: Julie Fitzgerald.

At a time when we are increasingly polarized, Julie is someone who demonstrated during her time on the City Council between 2012 and 2016 that she can be a collaborative problem solver, great listener and innovator.

That's what we are going to need as we begin our recovery from the pandemic: someone who has proven that they can work with all points of view. Wilsonville has great opportunities and great challenges coming its way. I trust Julie to help us navigate those and continue to make Wilsonville a great place to live, work and play.

Bob Applegate


West is right leader for Wilsonville

My name is Tom Vaughn, I am retired from UPS after 30 years of service as an Operations Manager, a high School football official for the past 40 years and on the board of an exceptionally large HOA in Wilsonville.

I have seen Ben in action on several occasions within our HOA community. He is always the calm levelheaded person looking for solutions to issues rather than putting blame on someone. He has always gone to the extreme to get the facts before deciding.

I have seen Ben firsthand working with the youth in our community on the sidelines for Wilsonville youth football games and in the stands rooting on the Wilsonville Wildcats. His demeanor on the field is always cordial and professional with players coaches and especially officials

I have seen firsthand at an incredibly involved and controversial HOA meeting being the calm one and asking the right questions to settle down a very volatile situation.

I believe Ben with all his skills will be the right leader for the City of Wilsonville. He will listen attentively, get the facts, offer a solution and then guide the council to make the best decision for this city.

I strongly recommend you vote for Ben West as the next mayor of Wilsonville.

Thank you,

Tom Vaughn


West absent at budget committee meetings

Excerpt from the City website: "The Budget Committee consists of the five city councilors and five citizens at large." Ben West hasn't attended a single Budget Committee meeting nor submitted any questions or comments in advance of meetings since he was elected to the City Council. For the past two budget cycles, Councilor West was not there to represent us, not there to advocate for spending he supports, and not there to oppose expenditures he does not

support. He didn't even realize he was on the Budget Committee until the May 4, 2020 Council meeting when he asked if he could "listen in" on the process. When politely reminded he was on the Committee, he still failed to attend the meetings sixteen days later. His performance on a Committee charged with determining how our tax dollars are spent has been abysmal. He has failed to fulfill an essential part of what it means to be a City Councilor. Now he wants us to elect him as Mayor? West should fulfill the remaining two years of his four-year term as Councilor, with a promise to attend all Budget meetings in 2021 and 2022.

Brian Everest


Fitzgerald has experience, understanding needed for mayor

We residents of Wilsonville agree, as usual, in our latest biannual Community Livability Report, that our community is beautiful and livable (95%) with an excellent quality of life (91%). Neighborhoods separated by a river and a major highway share a strong sense of common purpose. We like and trust our city government and many of us participate in the planning process as well as our many boards and committees. We need to elect a city council that will continue strong support for the public interest and carry on the work that has made Wilsonville a great place to live.

I'm supporting Julie Fitzgerald because she is the only candidate for mayor with extensive organizational leadership experience and a thorough understanding of how our city functions. She, unlike her opponent, has participated as a council member in budget committee meetings over a four-year period. Her outstanding career in leading community-focused organizations has prepared her with the skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges our mayor will face.

Her conscientious, non-partisan, intelligent commitment to the work of the council gives assurance that she will effectively serve all those who live, do business, and work in our community.

Kate Greenfield


Fitzgerald, Akervall and Linville: independent women with local support

A consequential City election is upon us. Outside special interests are betting tens of thousands of dollars that they can install three inexperienced people on City Council, and change the values and standards of our City. Look it up on ORESTAR, on the Secretary of State website. Check out the campaigns of Ben West, John Budaio, Imran Haider, and the "Jobs PAC".

The outside interests betting the big money are developers and businesses that want unrestrained expansion at the Aurora Airport. They do not want any government oversight of traffic, sewer, runoff, environmental or infrastructure impacts that they will cause.

City Council is not intramural sports, where the objective is to give everyone some playing time. Council is responsible for oversight of a $100+ million dollar budget each year. They set the long term policy and immediate term priorities for our City. The jobs call for professional skills and responsible, thoughtful, mature leadership.

We need the MOST capable people on City Council, to maintain the consistent, high quality community we have as we address the challenges we face.

Please elect Julie Fitzgerald, Kristin Akervall, and Joann Linville – three independent women with local support, to provide responsible government for Wilsonville.

Charlotte Lehan


Linville the pick for council

We are writing in support of City Council member and candidate Joann Linville. Her wealth of experience is well documented — registered nurse, health educator and administrator, member of countless commissions and boards. Joann is a neighbor and fellow dog owner and a leader in the golfing community at Charbonneau, (president of Charbonneau Women's Golf Association).

Joann has impressed us with her dedication to researching and understanding the facts of every situation and by making sound decisions based on that understanding. Her twice-monthly "Cup of Jo" information sessions via Zoom have been innovative and helpful, allowing her to communicate with the community on Council business, and to respond to questions and concerns from her constituents. From concerns over airport expansion, to community development, Joann is a leader who will listen, learn, and then take action to build a better community.

For us, her leadership within the Charbonneau community made her the perfect choice to step into the open position on the Council in 2019, where she seamlessly transitioned from neighborhood to city leadership. We believe she should continue in that role as a duly elected member of the Wilsonville City Council. VOTE JOANN LINVILLE FOR WILSONVILLE CITY COUNCIL.

Cathi & John McLain


Yes on Measure 3-564 for kids

Hope is an anti-drug, with healing properties.

Children need hope. The best delivery system for that is through their parents. Children are prone to feel guilty for family trouble and break ups. Children need to know that their situations will get better than what they are currently experiencing.

Since the all-women's prison, "Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF)" opened I have volunteered there. What I know is that the great majority of these Adult's In Custody (AIC's) have had either traumas, fear, a break away from their families, poverty and/or felt abandoned in their childhood, and thus later in their lives. The dependent children of current (and past) AICs are vulnerable and need community support while mom is incarcerated, and assurances that they will part of their family again. The last thing we all want is "following in the footsteps".


"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." Leo Buscaglia

John & Maureen Ludlow


Akervall, Linville and Fitzgerald deserve your vote

Kristin Akervall, Joann Linville, and Julie Fitzgerald are the only candidates that have the knowledge, experience, and work ethic to serve on our City Council. They have attended and participated fully in a variety of City meetings, including the Council and Budget Committee. Through their actions, they have shown their commitment to representing us.

John Budaio and Imran Haider lack any relevant professional experience and have not done their homework to learn how to become an effective councilor. Neither has participated in the City Council meetings, Work Sessions, or Planning Commission meetings by engaging or asking questions. (Mr. Budaio did briefly attend the one City Council meeting when he applied for appointment to an open seat)

Ben West never attended a Council meeting before being elected as a City Councilor and, despite it being a crucial responsibility, he has STILL never attended a Budget Committee meeting. He has never attended a County Coordinating Committee meeting, Transportation, Housing or Policy committee, or any meeting of the 9 committees our current mayor attends, all of which set policies that affect Wilsonville.

Kristin Akervall, Joann Linville and Julie Fitzgerald deserve your vote. They are the only candidates who can, and will, do the job.

Thomas Ripple


Vote record, campaign funding tells story about candidates

In politics, you can discern a politician's true motivations by checking their voting record and campaign funding sources. Ben West's Council voting record and mayoral funding shows a clear pattern for 2020; he supports the expansion of the Aurora Airport, which will increase aircraft noise pollution in both Wilsonville and Charbonneau, and will increase traffic congestion in Wilsonville from the currently overburdened I-5 bridge.

Since August, Ben has received $14,000 cash donations — his largest to date — from Jobs Political Action Committee and Ted Millar (TLM Holdings, LLC); both are directly tied to the Aurora Airport.

Since August, Ben West has been the lone Council voice in support of the Aurora Airport expansion. On August 3rd, he was the only "No" vote (without explanation) in opposition to the Council's decision to send a letter to the Oregon Department of Aviation about the draft environmental assessment related to the expansion. On August 17th, he was the lone councilor to voice opposition to an Aurora Planning Commissioner request to join Aurora in its appeal of Marion County's decision to allow development of property needed to support airport expansion.

We need a mayor who will favor Wilsonville residents over big-monied outsiders.

Paul Bunn


Vote for Neron is vote for civility

If you care about closing the racial gaps in student reading levels, incarceration rates, infant mortality, access to broadband, homeownership, and access to healthcare, then Courtney Neron is your choice for House District 26.

Over the past 2 years, I have had the great pleasure to meet and work with Courtney on issues of racial division in Wilsonville's neighborhoods and schools.

Courtney puts people first, not Portland. Based on her passion for issues of justice and understanding of rational science, she is a member of the Democratic Party. However, look at the people from across the political spectrum that endorsed her for reelection.

A vote for Courtney is a vote for civility. To solve the nasty partisan divide in this country, we need more people like Courtney Neron in office.

Until the national and Oregon Republican Party move away from their indifference, and at times opposition, towards solving our deepest gaps in racial division, there is only one choice in House District 26. Please join me in voting for Courtney Neron!

Garet Prior


West stands out in race for mayor

We are fortunate to have an incredible slate of qualified and willing citizens running for Council positions this year. The candidate that stands out to me for the Mayoral role is Ben West. He is community minded and is raising his son in Wilsonville so he is connected to what is happening in the schools. Ben has a very high work ethic, is passionate about Wilsonville and will bring balance to a Council that needs a business-oriented voice. He lives in Villebois and understands the pros and cons of high density development. Ben is 100% committed to representing you, the voter, in this upcoming election and since he is currently on the City Council, he is up to speed on the issues that need attention. Please join me in voting for Ben West when you receive your ballot in the mail this month!

Debi Laue


Linville is the clear choice for council

Joann Linville is a clear choice for continued service on the Wilsonville City Council. Dr. Linville's very strong educational background has served her well during the year she has already served on the Council. Her intelligence, diligence, and great preparedness are a perfect match for the type and large volume of detailed information that councilors must consume and apply in order to make good decisions. In addition to Council meetings, she attends every other meeting possible to gather the knowledge needed to effectively serve the community. More importantly, she knows how to help reach consensus on potentially divisive matters. I strongly urge all to vote for Joann Linville for City Council.

Carol DuQUette


Happy to support Fitzgerald for mayor

It's with pleasure that I highly recommend and support Julie Fitzgerald to be the next Mayor of Wilsonville. Julie listens deeply, leads with compassion, problem solves for the immediate and long-range, and her background as a financial development professional makes her uniquely suited to lead Wilsonville. Plus, Julie's great sense of humor that makes it fun to work with her.

My recommendation is based on direct experience as a volunteer for the City for Smart Transit and the Wilsonville Library. While a Wilsonville City Councilor, Julie was the Chair of the City's Smart Transit Master Plan (TMP) task force. I had a front row seat and observed Julie asking thoughtful questions and truly listening to everyone's ideas on how to best provide a city transportation system that ensures people arrive on time to their destinations, reduce pollution, and decrease traffic congestion.

As City Council liaison with the Library Board, Julie was always prompt and fully participated in the meetings. Julie is an outstanding communicator who effectively brought city information to the Board and took the Board's communications back to the City Council.

My education and professional background is in urban planning. I know what it takes for a city to thrive and have a true sense of community. Julie is a proven leader and will lead Wilsonville into an even better future.

Please join me in voting for Julie Fitzgerald to be our next Mayor of Wilsonville.

Caroline Berry


Akervall appreciates community, families

My family has been anchored in our wonderful City of Wilsonville for sixteen years through friendships, employment, and community engagement. Because she shares our deep appreciation for our community and families, I am supporting Kristin Akervall for her re-election to the City Council.

There is a perfect action verb to describe Kristin Akervall. It is "to resonate" which means "to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief." Indeed, Kristin is someone who says, "I know where you are coming from, and I want to support you." Coupled with Kristin's ability to resonate are her skills to be reflective and analytical. She extends this whether engaged with adults, such as parents and educators, or with children in school activities, and at community events. In our collaboration on school projects, I saw first-hand that Kristin enables solutions. She is also a trusted friend on whom I can rely to provide a framework for my own thinking.

With these attributes, it is no surprise that Kristin was selected and successfully serves as City Council President. With Kristin, we have an opportunity for continued leadership that shares our Wilsonville community values. Please join me to support Kristin Akervall.


Pratima Rao


Fitzgerald takes responsibilities seriously

Elected Wilsonville City Councilors also serve as members of the City's Budget Committee (BC). They are joined by five citizens to form the committee charged with the fiscal responsibility of our tax dollars. During her four-year term as a City Councilor, Julie Fitzgerald attended all the BC meetings, including meetings to create the annual budgets, the mid-year reviews, and the five-year financial forecast meetings. The only meeting she missed was an educational municipal budgeting workshop. In contrast, Councilor West has missed every single BC meeting since he was elected, including budget creation and mid-year reviews.

Budget Committee members have ample opportunity to provide input during the budget process. They are encouraged to submit questions or comments before meetings, between meetings, and prior to Council's final annual budget approval. City staff diligently reports all comments and questions at open, recorded meetings. Councilor West was not only absent, he has never submitted a BC related comment or question via email or other means of communication.

Wilsonville deserves a mayor who takes seriously how our tax dollars are spent. Julie Fitzgerald has proven she will not neglect this important duty. Elect Julie Fitzgerald for Wilsonville's next mayor.

Susie Stevens, Former City Councilor


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