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Readers make their cases for Wilsonville City Council races including mayor and two other positions

Linville will keep Wilsonville great

I am voting for Joann Linville to continue serving on the Wilsonville City Council. As a former city budget analyst I know the importance of understanding how sources of revenue to city governments dictate possible operational and capital expenditures. As a thirteen-year resident of Wilsonville, I have been impressed with the City's ability to deliver outstanding services within budgetary constraints. Joann Linville's experience as a manager in large non-profit educational institutions provides the background necessary to manage financial resources. As a member of the Wilsonville City Council for over a year, Joann has demonstrated her ability to listen to all points of view, study the pros and cons, and come to a recommendation has distinguished her participation in City Council decisions. Vote with me for Joann Linville for Wilsonville City Council.

Virginia Horler


Fitzgerald will be effective leader, friend to Wilsonville

I support Julie Fitzgerald for mayor! From 1994 forward our paths have crossed, allowing me to witness her initiation, advocacy, stewardship and dedication. Julie thinks in possibilities, bringing people together.

I met Julie in Silverton where my family resided, before moving to Wilsonville. With complete local efforts, our small town was attempting to keep our hospital independent. Julie was hired as Director of Foundation and Community Relations, acting as liaison to the City Council, while initiating grant funding, large personal "gifting", establishing Hospital Volunteers, Dial-A-Ride, and more. We won!!!

Julie's dedication to causes makes life better for Oregonians, maintaining family centered institutions and cherished facilities.

Julie's reputation, honesty and charisma have directed her career path, with entities knowing she could help them reach their core values. These include Trillium Family Services, OHSU Hospital Foundation, Willamette Falls Hospital Foundation, OHSU School of Medicine and the OHSU Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and the world class Oregon Zoo Foundation.

Julie won't compromise her integrity or her commitment to the people of Wilsonville. By thinking independently, while always bringing people together, ideas will be visualized and become reality.

Wilsonville will get a true leader and friend, by electing Julie Fitzgerald.

Joni Goodwin


Re-elect Akervall

I have had the pleasure of serving with Councilor Kristin Akervall on two Wilsonville city task forces: one that revised the SMART Transit Master plan (which Akervall joined toward the end of the process, after she was sworn into office), and another to redesign Town Center. Both task forces succeeded in having their plans adopted by the City Council, and Akervall was instrumental in those processes.

I can say from experience that Councilor Akervall takes her job very seriously, listens carefully, and treats everyone with respect. She attended every task force meeting and showed up prepared and on time and stayed for the entire meeting, and often stayed later to chat with individual members and constituents. She is genuinely interested in making our community a better, more attractive, and more equitable place to live. We are fortunate to have enjoyed her service for the last four years, and I hope my fellow residents will join me in electing Kristin Akervall for a well-deserved second term on the Wilsonville City Council.

Paul Diller


Fitzgerald, Akervall, Linville has city's interests at heart

We need a mayor who has time to be our mayor. Ben West missed yet another council meeting last Monday Oct. 12th. I get it. He has an important job, but Wilsonville needs a mayor who has time to actually be our mayor. Ben has NEVER attended a single budget committee meeting and has missed more council meetings than any other current City Councilor. In addition, together, he, John Budaio, and Imran Haider have taken over $30,000 from special interests outside Wilsonville. The Spokesman may think Ben can be objective but anyone giving that much money to a small town City Council race wants something for their money. Julie Fitzgerald, Kristin Akervall and Joann Linville are the ONLY independent voices who have Wilsonville's best interests at heart. Please vote for Julie, Joann, and Kristin.

Michelle Labrie Ripple

Former Wilsonville City Councilor

Stevens vaccination stance is frightening

I am writing to express my concern about Peggy Stevens and her stand against required vaccinations.

In her May 5, 2020 video on her Facebook page, she was asked about vaccinations. She said "parents have the right to decide whether or not or how their children should be vaccinated."

That is code for anti-vaccination. Per Peggy Stevens, if a parent decides NOT to vaccinate their child, that's OK.

That is frankly frightening. In 2019, we saw what happened in Clark County, Wash. when parents decided "NOT" to vaccinate their children.

The Oregonian reported that Washington faced one of the worst measles outbreaks in the country with 86 cases, 71 in Clark County. The Oregonian reported the outbreak cost Clark County more than $1.8 million and involved 237 people. And then the outbreak spread to Oregon.

One child in 10 with measles will suffer permanent hearing loss. Up to three children in 1,000 will develop encephalitis and of those, 10-15% will die. Measles is also significantly MORE contagious than COVID-19.

Peggy Stevens is taking a dangerous and foolish stand. We cannot afford someone who takes such an ill-informed position that affects our health as Peggy Stevens in the state legislature.

Gary Grieve M.D.


Fitzgerald is involved, responsive and nonpartisan

I'm standing behind a mayoral candidate who can bring people together to discuss our city's important issues, deeply understand all of the details, and do what's best for Wilsonville. That candidate is Julie Fitzgerald. Julie is a NONPARTISAN candidate who brings experience of listening, studying, and understanding all viewpoints on issues; she is not beholden to one political party. Are you worried about future traffic concerns and what may happen with the airport expansion project? So am I. Simply put, I trust Julie to look at the myriad of details and to bring our best interests to the table. A bonus: Julie is an approachable person who is always willing to take time to smile, say hello, listen and respond to our concerns. Have a question? Ask her! We need an involved, responsive, nonpartisan voice to represent our many viewpoints. Julie Fitzgerald is the only candidate who can do this. I trust Julie. I respect Julie. I'm voting for Julie. She's my neighbor and my friend. Join me in welcoming our next mayor of Wilsonville and cast your vote for Julie Fitzgerald.

Dianne Knight


Trustworthy, skilled, and committed — Fitzgerald is the candidate for mayor

I met Julie Fitzgerald 13 years ago as my neighbor when I moved to Wilsonville. When I think of the qualities and leadership skills required for the position of mayor, Julie is the only qualified candidate. She has a solid commitment to our community, demonstrated leadership skills, partnership building, and a proven track record as a City Councilor. She has a long and impressive background in her career; working in highly respected organizations which include OHSU and Doernbecher Foundations. She worked on the advancement of healthcare and disease research. She is well-rounded with her expertise being in the area of finance, working as a Certified Fundraising Executive. Julie is committed to balanced budgets, as well as reaching out to represent the needs of all community members. She thrives on service and volunteerism. I served on the Wilsonville Public Library Board and as a City Councilor she attended our meetings. She was inquisitive about the operations budget, the services provided, and how she could support the library's work. Julie is ready to start her role on day one and will bring vision and dedication to the position.

LaRue Williams


Fitzgerald will represent us with respect, dignity

I am voting for Julie Fitzgerald because I believe she is the best candidate to represent and lead Wilsonville through our complex challenges. The impact of COVID-19, growing traffic and public safety concerns in our community must be managed with a thorough understanding of all of the implications and impacts to our residents. Julie approaches issues from a contemplative viewpoint, asking questions, listening, researching, and exploring options. Our problems are solvable, but the resolutions for such challenges require a comprehensive understanding of the totality of both the issue and the impacts of the solutions. The mayor of Wilsonville represents us, and for this reason character is also important. I'm disappointed that Julie's opponent accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from outside organizations with special interests. I was angered when I read tweets from her opponent that were divisive and toxic. I have been a proud resident of Wilsonville for 16 years. I want a mayor who will continue to make this a place we are proud to call home. Join me in voting for Julie Fitzgerald as our next Wilsonville mayor because she has the character, experience, and perspective to represent ALL Wilsonville residents with respect and dignity.

Tonja Willey


Leadership that inspires us to be our "better selves"

So much positive has been said about Joann Linville. She is credentialed, with a balanced breadth of experience. She is calm, amid the storm. She sees through to the better choice, not lost in the forest of issues and political-muck.

She serves her community by performing methodically, with quiet leadership. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she understands at her core what is at stake in every decision we make as we struggle to safeguard our livelihoods and families.

Our choices now are critical. We cannot vote for someone because they want to give government service "a try." We need someone we know will listen, understand and whose guidance we trust will consider the impact on all.

In the 60's I ran for Oregon Girl State Governor. Young people then felt inspired and empowered. I ran on a simple reality - "That a woman is a heart in the world." It was a political election among women, but it was given as a challenge. Our culture then was entangled, but it meant listening to our essence to call out our best selves.

We are in entangled times. Joann Linville is that necessary "heart" in our world to inspire us and our community — to be our better selves.

Elaine Swyt


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