Head coach Adam Guenther learned some useful information about his team at the scrimmage and helped raise equipment funds at the auction.

Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Hundreds gathered at Audi Wilsonville to bid on prizes and support the Wilsonville football team.

Head coach Adam Guenther came away from the scrimmage between Wilsonville’s offense and defense fired up about the ball-stopper’s performance.

“Our defense swarms. The way they pursue the ball, they are quick off the line of scrimmage and gang tackle,” he said.

In fact, in a scrimmage broken up between three increments, the offense only scored one touchdown. However, they also only gave up one turnover. Elijah Benedick threw the touchdown pass while Charlie Stapleton corralled the interception.

Guenther was especially pleased with his secondary, led by Nate Burke, Stapleton, Andre Morris, Jonny Dominguez and Matt Kelly.

“Dominguez joined us when doubles started and he had a good scrimmage. We need to find a spot for him to play. It’s also nice to have Nathan Burke (who blew out his knee last year against St. Helens) back from injury. He’ll solidify the secondary. Our defensive back group is solid,” Guenther said.

However, Guenther wasn’t satisfied with his offensive line’s pre-snap discipline and patience and counted seven different false start infractions by the group. Guenther attributes the penalties to the amount of guys he sets in motion before plays begin.

He said this issue can’t carry over to the Mountain View game.

“We jumped offside’s too many times. We need to play smarter. It could be a long night if we don’t take care of things. We can’t give them any freebees,’” he said.

As far as the fight for the starting quarterback job between Elijah Benedick and Connor Neville is concerned, Guenther says it might not be settled until a couple games into the regular season.

“They haven’t separated themselves yet. They are both learning everyday and asking great questions. There’s a good likelihood both will see time versus Mountain View. Both quarterbacks bring something a little different to the table. We’ll see who handles game situations the best,” Guenther said.

Guenther is thankful the team has remained injury free and believes they will rapidly improve while facing game situations.

“The more we practice, the better we are going to be. The time between the scrimmage and week three we’ll gain the most as far as knowledge of the game and execution. They’ve been hitting each other all summer long and are looking forward to going up and hitting others players,” Guenther said.


Shortly after the final play of the scrimmage was snapped, it was time for Wilsonville football to set up the team auction at Audi Wilsonville.

“They let our guys get in there at three on a Saturday to decorate. The staff over there was amazing,” Guenther said.

Guenther estimates more than 200 people showed up to support the program. The event featured a social hour highlighted by Wilsonville’s acclaimed acapella group and intense bidding.

Prizes up for bidding included Portland Trail Blazers tickets, Oregon Ducks tickets, Disneyland tickets and fishing and golfing trip packages.

The money raised went directly to the Wilsonville football program.

Guenther said the fundraiser accounts for about half of the team’s expenses.

“It takes a lot of money to run a football program the way we run it,” he said.

He points out that simply providing a season’s worth of footballs costs thousands of dollars.

“Footballs alone are a $2000-$3,000 bill. One football costs $80. We have to have at least 30 footballs a year, so that’s $2,400. If it rains, the cost adds up even higher,” he said.

Other expenses include updating new equipment and replacing equipment that doesn’t pass inspection.

Since beginning his tenure at Wilsonville, Guenther has made a point to invest in updated and safe equipment.

“When I got here a few years ago we were using helmets from 2000. I made the goal to not use helmets from that long ago, and now we don’t. It lowers the risk of players getting injured,” he said.

Guenther said he recently compared Wilsonville’s equipment with that of the University of Nebraska football team. He found that the quality of protection was identical.

“With the top equipment comes a higher price tag,” Guenther said.

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