Wilsonville shut out the visiting Kingsmen 41-0 in the first half with explosive offense

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Junior Cooper Mootz scored twice in Wilsonville's defeat of Putnam, 41-14.Wilsonville's football team might not have score fifty points like they did in their previous three wins, but it was still more of the same explosive offense you've come to expect from the Wildcats. The home team shut down the visiting Putnam Kingsmen 41-14 on Friday, Sept. 29.

It was a slower start than normal. The Putnam defense would hold two of the Wildcat's first half drives to field goals, which Wilsonville senior kicker Austin Kness put through the uprights. In the end though, the Wilsonville offense managed to put points on the board.

The first play of Wilsonville's second drive, junior running back Cooper Mootz ran 44 yards through a truck sized hole to score a touchdown at 4:01 of the first quarter. A Kness point after brought the score up to 10-0 in favor of the home team.

After a Kness field goal, and forcing Putnam to punt the ball away, Wilsonville would start their next drive on the Putnam 15 yard line. In two plays, junior quarterback Nathan Overholt scrambled out of the pocket, and found junior wide receiver Isaac Haqq unmarked in the left hand corner of the end zone for a four yard touchdown pass at7:22 of the second quarter. The extra point brought the Wildcat's advantage to 20.

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Quarterback Nathan Overholt hands the ball off to running back Trevor Antonson. The Wildcats defeated Putnam 41-14 on Friday, Sept. 29.

Another four and out for Putnam resulted in good field position for Wilsonville yet again. Starting at the Putnam 30 yard line, Overholt would find Mootz on a 28 yard pass, and then hand it off to Mootz on the next play for a two yard run up the middle. Kness would nail another point after, and it is 27-0 for the Wildcats. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Senior running back Jacob Herr slips out of a Putnam tackle. Wilsonville defeated Putnam 41-14 on Friday, Sept. 29.

Wilsonville's defensive unit forced yet another punt from a frustrated Kingsmen offense, and after taking over at the 50 yard line, the Wildcat's delivered their fanciest touchdown of the night. Overholt passed behind the line of scrimmage to Mootz, who looked downfield and saw the towering frame of senior tight end Draco Bynum. Mootz connected with the Wilsonville tight end, who got the ball all the way down to the three yard line.

"We got some fun plays, it's a game," Wilsonville head coach Adam Guenther said after the game. "We've got a few up the sleeve, it's just a matter of when do you put them in."

Bynum explained the set up for the trick play.

"They had a couple of safeties over the top of the number two receiver, and if there is anumber three receiver, him," Bynum said. "We thought if we brought a whole bunch outside it would take them a couple of plays to figure out how to line up on it. We set them up the first two plays, and the third one we ran I faked a block and took it up the sideline."

Two plays later, junior wide receiver Jonah Gomez brought in a pass from Overholt by the thinnest of margins, dragging his toes along the turf before his momentum carried him out of bounds. Another touchdown for the Wilsonville offense, 34-0 after the Kness extra point.

The special team unit would get involved in the first half as well. Bynum would burst through the line of the Putnam punt team for the block, pick the ball up, and run it back 23 yards for the touchdown with 43 seconds remaining in the half.

Guenther extolled his special teams unit after the game.

"We call them our Special Forces," Guenther said. "A lot of times people overlook special teams. You've got your offense and defense, and that's who people ask about. They overlook it. We take pride in our Special Forces."

At halftime it was 41-0.

The Kingsmen would fare better in the second half, shutting down the Wildcats offense, and getting their own running game going.

At 6:42 of the fourth quarter, Putnam utilized a double hand off, first right and then left, to see senior running back Curtis Hoyle score from 12 yards out to give them their first points of the game. Senior Drew Urben would secure the point after.

"Being the leader and captain of my team, I had to do something to give them some confidence," Hoyle said after the game. "My O-line blocked great, and I got the touchdown."

Later in the quarter, on a third and 10 from the Wilsonville 24 yard line, senior running back Landy Wilson would score the Kingsmen's second touchdown of the game, running it up the right side of the field and in. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Putnam would establish their run game in the second half, scoring twice in the fourth quarter. Wilsonville defeated Putnam 41-14 on Friday, Sept. 29.

Though they lost on the night, Putnam head coach Tim Jacobs had found silver linings in the defeat.

"(I'm proud) that we played four quarters," Jacobs said. "We competed early, it went back and forth a little bit where we played them tough on defense, but it gave us a chance to see what we needed to work on and fix moving forward. Also that we were able to compete, stop them, not let them score in the second half, and put two scores up on the board."

Wilsonville (4-1) plays Sandy next week at home, on Friday Oct. 6.

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