Despite an aggressive second half Wilsonville's boys team was shut out against the visiting Spartans

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Junior defender Henry Tellez had several shots on goal in Wilsonvilles 0-2 loss to Hillsboro on Thursday, Oct. 5. It was a tough night for the Wilsonville boys soccer team. The visiting Hillsboro Spartans took the win on Thursday, Oct. 5 with a score of 2-0. Wilsonville coach Ian Reschke put it matter of factly after the game.

"We learned a lot tonight, but it's time to start buckling down," Reschke said.

Right from the get go, Wilsonville was put on their heels. Hillsboro sophomore forward Osman Camposeca Herrera took a shot in the opening minute that went just left of the goal. Three minutes later, Spartan freshman Josh Diaz Sanchez took a shot on goal, but also to no avail. In the 32nd minute though, Hillsboro would finally find the back of the net. Hillsboro sophomore forward Gabriel Tena Palomares chipped it up and over Wilsonville's Oscar Baron-Soto to get the first goal of the match. Hillsboro led one goal to zero. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Sophomore Sam Blohn battled for the ball in Wilsonvilles 0-2 loss to Hillsboro on Thursday, Oct. 5.

Wilsonville would respond well, with junior powerhouse Henry Tellez sending shots on goal in the 30th minute, but again Hillsboro would respond with pressure of their own. In the 20th minute, sophomore Jonathan Esparza passed the ball to senior forward Brian Tapia who took a booming shot that bounced off the left post and into Baron-Soto's arms. The Wildcats flipped the field two minutes later, and Tellez would send a free kick over the crossbar and into the football goal post. The ball was battled about both ends of the field pretty evenly as the horn sounded the end of the first 40 minutes.

To start the second half, the Wildcats took shots on goal and applied pressure to the Hillsboro defense. Tellez was moved back to anchor the defense and played well, defending a Hillsboro free kick in the 32nd minute. It wouldn't be long before the Spartans would get their second goal of the game, scoring in the 26th minute.

"We're still trying to figure out all the pieces to our team," Reschke said. "We're still in a flux, and have been since the beginning of the season, trying to figure out the right pieces, places, formation. Once we get that established, we'll be able to assign specific jobs and that's kind of what we're waiting for now. We've figured out enough pieces at this point that we need to start honing things down." SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Senior Juan Pablo Gutierrez throws the ball in near the Hillsboro goal. The Wildcats would be unable to score in their 0-2 loss to the Hillsboro Spartans on Thursday, Oct. 5.

Wilsonville had more chances at the Hillsboro goal. In the 17th minute of the half, freshman Eliab Bautista passed the ball in to senior midfielder Juan Pablo Gutierrez who headed it out of bounds just right of the goal. Tellez had another chance on goal as well, sending a thunderous free kick just a few feet left of the goal in the 12th minute. A comeback was not to be however, and the Wildcats finished the game down 2-0.

Wilsonville (0-3 in league, 2-6 overall) will look to end their slump against St. Helens (0-3 in league, 0-9 overall) on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

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