Despite 8-4 to start the second half, Wilsonville fended off a strong counterattack to win 11-10

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Shrock scored two goals against OES on Thursday, May 3. Wilsonville—The Wildcats were comfortably ahead at the start of the second half, leading the Oregon Episcopal School (OES) 7-4. Wilsonville slipped in another goal and had doubled the OES score. Soon though, the Wildcats would have to fend off a strong counterattack that pushed the home team to its limit. The game went to overtime, and ultimately Wilsonville managed to get the win 11-10 on Thursday, May 3.

"Getting the win in overtime was good, but the squandered possessions that let them back in when we were up 8-4 in the first place are a big problem for this team," Wilsonville head coach Brett Monello said. "Ill-advised shots, poor passes when there's no need to score.

OES actually had the lead at two points early on. The team visitors went ahead less than one minute into the game, but Wilsonville answered back. At the 19:48 mark, Wilsonville's Brooklyne Waddell scored the goal unassisted to tie the game up at 1-1. OES answered back in short order, scoring little more than a minute later.

Abigail Forsterer kept OES from going up by more than one point at 17:20 of the half, and three minutes later, Izabella Chimienta got the Wildcats second goal to bring the game to 2-2. The two teams traded possessions over the ensuing minute, but Waddell took the ball right up to net and snuck it past the visiting keeper at the 13:30 mark.

Wilsonville seized upon that momentum, scoring consecutive goals at 11:36 courtesy of MacKenzie Welberg. Waddell got her third goal of the game at 8:51, cutting through the OES defense with ease. It was 5-2 for the Wildcats.

"We knew who their strongest players were, so we marked down on them," Waddell said. "'We're guarding you, we're guarding that one.' But before the game in Clackamas, we played probably our best team game and we worked together and that helped us coming into this game."

OES kept themselves in the game with a pair of goals before the fifth minutes, and the game was back within one point. Wilsonville took over once again, as Kacy Shrock scored at 4:57. With 11 seconds left in the half, Welberg scored unassisted and pushed the lead out to three again. It was 7-4 when the half ended. SPOKESMAN PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Wilsonvilles Brooklyne Waddell scored four goals against OES out of just seven shots, and had one assist.

To start the second half, Wilsonville's Shrock got a goal at 22:43 of the second half, but soon thereafter OES took control of the game. Four straight goals over the course of the next eight minutes brought the game to an 8-8 tie. Wilsonville's Welberg got another unassisted goal at 13:45. OES answered again, 9-9.

"The fact that the defense kept a good team like that to only 10 goals, that's awesome too," Monello said. "But the loss of an 8-4 lead is toxic. Especially when there's no reason and it's only about decision making. You here us yelling 'Yellow, yellow, yellow!' That means don't shoot unless it's so bloody obvious and good and easy that you can't possibly miss. That's not what happened."

Waddell picked up yet another goal at 8:53, and it seemed like the Wildcats would hold onto the lead for the W. The offensive output over the waning minutes of the half was largely in Wilsonville's favor, but it was unable to make its way past the OES defense. With 49 seconds in regulation, OES tied the game once again at 10-10. Wilsonville's offense went strong towards the end of the half, but Waddell's shot at the buzzer was saved. The teams went into overtime.

A little over a minute into the final three minute period, Kylie Hix got the winning goal with Welberg assist, and the Wildcats had seized victory from a resurgent OES 11-10.

"Honestly, when I saw, we made I contact and I knew she was going to pass it to me, and a little nerve shot through my body and I thought, 'Oh crap, this is going to be me,' Hix said. "Once I got the ball, I knew I was right in front of the goal, and knew I had to shoot it. Once I got it, I shot it and scored, and it was an overwhelming feeling and it was so exciting. It's the best feeling ever."

Wilsonville will square off with West Linn on Monday, May 7 after the Spokesman goes to press.

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